Men often proclaim that Women are difficult to shop for. I don’t know how true that statement is because I personally think that I’m incredibly easy to shop for and hey, you can’t go wrong with something shiny and sparkly… or a plane ticket. (wink)

If that is out of your price range OR if that is just too unoriginal or predictable. Let me share my Holiday Gift Guide 2013 with some of MY suggestions to make the travelling Women in your life happy and hopefully, SHE won’t be returning it in January!

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 #1 – Shold it

gift guide 2013I haven’t seen one in person myself but I’ve heard great things about it from my friends over at Frugal First Class Travel and Under the Yew Tree and well, if it were me, I’d want one (that’s a hint to the hubby).

Think of it as the scarf/shawl/purse all in one. Multi-useful this would work well in your travels while in transit to “hide” your secret money stash or passport and would keep you warm on the plane. It would also be useful at home when running errands to keep you hands-free. I also love that it comes in different colours, fabrics and weights and you can wear it in many different ways.

Another plus is that the infinity style of scarf is very trendy and fashion forward right now!

Sholdit Clutch Wrap Purse

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 #2 – Packing Cubes

gift guide 2013Perfect for any traveller and not just the female traveller. How cute would it be to tuck a little something special and sparkly into these babies for a little extra surprise or even just a box of chocolates!

I’ve used these for a while and they are produced by a few manufacturers but I love the light-weight rip-stop fabric ones by Sea to Summit. They come in a variety of colours to further help you separate and organize your belongings. Just think, you can use a purple one for daughter and a blue one for son OR green for clean and red for dirty and being organized is a good thing (or so says Martha Stewart).

Here’s a tip. Measure your suitcase before you buy so that you can make sure which size cube fits best.

Sea to Summit Travelling Light Garment Mesh Bag

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 #3 – Rejuvahealth Compression Legwear

gift guide 2013You may be thinking…”my wife / girlfriend / daughter / mom etc. is going to freak if I get her compression stockings!”

But, hear me out – long flights or sitting in a car / train / bus for extended periods of time are not good for the venous system in your legs and you don’t want her legs to get varicose veins or spider veins do you? Deep Vein Thrombosis and blood clots are an extremely dangerous part of travelling.

Besides, Rejuvahealth doesn’t make boring beige clinical-looking compression socks and stockings. These beauties come in really cute patterns and colours and come in a multitude of styles from socks, to thigh highs, to panty hose, to leggings.

Stay tuned for a review to appear on the site soon but trust me…they are great.

Rejuvahealth Compression Legwear

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 #4 – Lug bags

gift guide 2013I love their bags – the bright colours, the multitude of pockets but I especially love the thought and care that goes into the design of every piece like a fleece lined pocket for your cell phone.

I have their cable car bag in bright purple and love the messenger style for home and for travelling and I know that Sharon over at Dream Travel Magazine loves the sprout bag in hot pink.

What makes the puddle jumper (as shown in the photo) popular is the extra detail of having a spot to tuck shoes or “soiled” items so that they are kept away from the other clean items inside the bag. Great for going to the gym at home or for use as a carry on when travelling.

Lug Puddle Jumper

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 #5 – Travel Size Pampering Products

gift guide 2013
What woman doesn’t love to be pampered?

A great gift item is travel sized versions of her favourite products — just take a peak in her cosmetic bag / medicine cabinet so that you know what she likes.

If you are still stumped, you can’t go wrong with ANY product from L’Occitane (based in France). Their products are luxurious, sweet-smelling and contain essential oils and natural ingredients to calm, de-stress and moisturize. My personal favourite is the Shea Butter Hand Cream. At this time of year they offer a lot of gift sets…

Hope we provided some good suggestions to help you with your shopping!

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So, what are you buying the Female Traveller in your life?