Author: Gail Banks

A Zanzibar Vacation for Couples

Zanzibar is a small island located off the east coast of Africa. It is an ideal destination for a romantic getaway with your better half and the memories created here will last you forever making this island the perfect location for your honeymoon. Enjoy its picturesque setting and enjoy an intimate evening by the ocean and enjoy the serenity and calmness of the sea. If you are looking for something adventurous, then you must take advantage of all the various adventure sports activities that are available on the island. The Cheetah’s Rock If you want to experience the wildlife...

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Great Choices in Grand Cayman Resorts

Grand Cayman has undergone significant growth in the past few years. There is a steady rise in local population as well as the number of tourists that regularly visit the island. New commercial and residential properties have surfaced and so have a large number of resorts that cater to every type of tourist and budget. The popular resorts and hotels are ideally located and offer easy access to major tourist attractions of the Grand Cayman Islands. Enjoy duty-free shopping as well as excellent restaurants in the island’s capital. If looking for more information on the leading reports in Grand...

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A Brief Guide to Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a favourite destination for travellers looking for an exceptional travel experience to suit every type of budget. Whether you are an adrenalin junkie or a beach-lover, it is a must to pay a visit to this amazing Central American country with Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. Best known for its immense biodiversity, amazing volcanoes, and awesome beaches — the palm-fringed coast is just perfect for sunning and surfing. No wonder it has become one of the top favourite countries in the world among tourists and travellers. Get ready for the gorgeous beaches and never-ending activities. Enjoy a...

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Preparing for Solo Travel: What You Need to Consider

Travelling the world by yourself can be one the most exhilarating and eye-opening experiences that you’ll ever have in your life. With preparation and an amount of careful planning, you will be reaping the rewards of your lone travel escapades for a lifetime. With solo travel, adventure awaits around every corner, new friends and acquaintances are to be made at every opportunity, and the blissful solitude that comes with experiencing the world through your own unsullied eyes with no one telling you how you should feel are just some of the many merits. See the article 11 Travel Bloggers...

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