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Manage Your Wealth on Vacation with these 5 Essential Apps

When you’re on vacation, you’ll want to spend more time exploring a new city rather than sitting in front of a computer for hours on end. But staying on top of your finances is vital, even when you’re away from home or the office. Luckily there are some essential apps available that can help you to control your money flow from anywhere in the world. You can track your spending and investments, pay your bills, and generally stay up to date with global affairs; even from the side of the pool with a cocktail in hand. So if you...

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Mountain Views and Shinto Shrines in Miyajima, Japan

The great Torii gate beckoned me as I planned my first trip to Japan, especially after I completed a few introductory Japanese language courses and became excited to immerse myself in a different culture. Whether you are interested in nature, culture or cuisine, Miyajima is fascinating, especially these five highlights for a day trip: 1. Experience the great Torii of Miyajima As the ferry approached the Miyajima Pier, I watched the Torii (16.6 metres) rising from the Seto Inland Sea. The bold orange pillars are intended to ward off evil spirits, according to the Shinto Faith. At high tide,...

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Beau’s Brewery A Natural Choice For Ontario Craft Beer Lovers According To JustFly

People really love beer. For centuries, generations of people have brewed, drank, and sold beer. While major brewers from across the world have since capitalised on this love of suds to build massively profitable brands, small town breweries have laid in the weeds, carving out their little slice of the beer sales pie. Over the last decade or so we have seen these smaller companies further take off, embracing their underdog status and becoming standards in beer stores and liquor outlets. This has been especially true in the Canadian province of Ontario, where once rigid liquor laws have loosened...

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JustFly’s Guide To Awesome Small-Town Ontario Festivals

The Canadian province of Ontario is loaded with hidden gems. While many prefer to talk about the hulking metropolis of Toronto or Canada’s capital of Ottawa, the rural areas of Ontario are rich in unique things to see and do. One place where Ontario gets it right is its festivals. Ranging from agricultural affairs to massive festivals celebrating music, Ontario’s festival scene has something for everyone. In order to track down Ontario’s best festivals, I spoke with the online travel agency JustFly. They gave me their top three festivals in the province Ontario. To make things interesting, they did...

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5 Places in Vietnam You Must See With Your Own Eyes

Vietnam is definitely one of those countries you have to visit one day. Its impressive architecture and nature are simply breathtaking — mountains, rivers, meadows, and lakes combine into one landscape that takes your breath away in an instant. However, there is another important reason you should visit this country — Vietnam is the second cheapest country to travel within Asia, just after Cambodia. Let’s open up the curtains and discover five fantastic places in this beautiful, magical country that will convince you to visit Vietnam and make you never want to leave. So, book hotels right away, and...

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Top 7 Considerations when Packing for a Day Trip

When you spend your time in an office for over 50% of the day you can’t help but itch to escape. Unfortunately, we’re not always able to explore to the extent that we’d like. That’s why day trips exist! As a young professional in the city of Toronto Canada, one of my favourite things to do is escape big city life and see more of my own neighbourhood (or further). It’s a great way to not only recharge my batteries, but also a way to connect with the place I live (not to mention add another pin to the...

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Planning Your Mediterranean Cruise

Cruise holidays are one of the top choices of vacation available today, and with the ability to travel from one destination to the next while indulging in the luxuries and activities offered by stately cruise liners, it is certainly easy to understand why. If you’re considering planning a Mediterranean cruise and are wondering what destinations might be best for you, then here are a few places to think about. Destinations to Consider When Planning Your Mediterranean Cruise   Livorno (Florence and Pisa) Italy These two destinations are home to some of Italy’s most famed sites, including the Leaning Tower...

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Extraordinary Ordinations in Myanmar

To say Buddhism is ‘big in Myanmar’ is like saying pasta is popular in Italy. With over 90% of the population subscribing to this religion, it’s no wonder there are Buddhist shrines everywhere you turn, and that the monastic lifestyle is such a significant part of the culture – so significant, in fact, that every boy is obliged to spend some time in his youth as a novice monk. Not surprisingly, the pomp and circumstance surrounding this ‘Shin Pyu” (ordination) ceremony of these novices is steeped in traditional rituals and symbols, and is an extremely important and proud day...

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Azores: The Pearls of the Atlantic Ocean

If you asked anyone what would be at the forefront of their mind when they thought of taking a holiday to a set of beautiful islands, most people would immediately reply that they’d see themselves on tropical white sand beach, a large umbrella over their head, and a rum drink in their hand as a calm sea lapped at their feet. Balmy temperatures and palm trees may be what most people fantasize, but I argue that we should start to think outside the box when asked this question. There are some real treasures that lie out of this ingrained...

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3 Perfect Vacation Destinations in the U.S. for Nature Lovers

Are you a lover of the great outdoors? Do you get a thrill from doing hiking, boat tours, surfing or even bird watching? If you’ve answered “yes” to either of these two questions, you can forget going on a normal everyday vacation – that’s right, you need to look into booking a holiday to one of the worlds more nature-oriented destinations. And from stunning state parks to impressive waterfalls and red-stained volcanoes, the United States sure has plenty of them to choose from. Below, we’ve compiled some info on 3 of the most perfect vacation spots for nature lovers....

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