Advice on Road Trips

Advice on Road Trips by Calculated Traveller.

Travel Advice on Road Trips by Calculated Traveller Magazine. Have you ever wanted to go road tripping? Or maybe it’s already one of your favourite pastimes. It’s a practical and enjoyable way to travel and see the world. Take the scenic route, visit points-of-interests, and discover hidden gems on your own timeline and your own budget.

But driving down that open road does require some planning. We have the advice on road trips that you need and provide you with useful and helpful travel tips. We cover it all; long-distance road trip tips, road trip tips for families, road trip tips for couples, and of course road trip packing tips. And we review the travel gear that will help make your trip even easier.

Make sure you’re in the know before you go.

To get started on plans for your next road trip, read some of our favourite articles below.

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Your GPS tells you to turn left and turn right but can you really trust that seemingly smart, polite woman, talking to you from that little box strapped to your dashboard? I don’t know about you, but GPS Sally is constantly getting me lost and she keeps recalculating… recalculating… recalculating…

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