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The world has become a much smaller place that is more easily accessible with the invention of the Internet. Our planet is vast and I dream of travelling and exploring the beauty of EVERY continent.

As our global village gets smaller and our ability to roam far and wide increases, now so does the convenience of sending and receiving cash transfers in over 35 countries!

I used to think that sending money to someone on the other side of the world was something that only big shot business people had to be concerned with. Little old me living in Toronto would never have to think about such a thing.

But think again; because it happens more often than you would…ah hem…think.

Global Money Transfer for Personal

My husband and I come from a family of travellers…

It must be in our genes but I have family all over the world — I have a niece living in Budapest, a sister living in California, cousins living in Nevada and other extended family living in China.*

With everyone living everywhere, sending money for birthdays or weddings becomes the no-brainer gift to give. Global Money Transfer makes it easy when sending gifts; all I need is the recipient’s name, and a few other banking details for the transfer and I’m all set.

Using a service such as CIBC Global Money Transfer, I can send money to 35+ countries worldwide, including India, Philippines, and the Eurozone countries. The money gets transferred directly from my chequing or savings account and it usually gets delivered by the next business day.

You might be saying “um… Mary, haven’t you heard of PayPal?”

And yes of course I have, I use it all the time for small online purchases but in the case of sending a large sum of money for a wedding present do you really want to use PayPal? No offense, but it doesn’t seem as classy as sending it from a proper bank.

Plus with CIBC Global Money Transfer there are zero fees to send transfers and they have very competitive exchange rates. I can complete the process entirely online or I can do it inside my branch. There is no risk of theft or of non-delivery of funds because I’m transferring the money directly from 1 bank account to another bank account.

CIBC Global Money Transfer

  • Can send money from your Canadian and US dollar chequing and savings accounts, as well as personal lines of credit, but you must be a CIBC banking customer.
  • Majority of funds are delivered to the recipient by next business day.
  • CIBC doesn’t charge the recipient fees for receiving money, no guarantee that the recipient’s financial institution will not levy more fees or service charges.
  • As long as recipient’s bank name and account number are correct, the funds will arrive safely and be deposited directly into his or her account.
  • CIBC Global Money Transfers are free of fees to CIBC customers. Standard foreign exchange rates apply. A Global Money Transfer counts towards allowable transaction limit; bank account transaction fees may apply.
  • CIBC customers receive accurate, real-time pricing every time they send money as the exchange rates are based on live exchange rates.
  • Zero fees to send transfers, with very competitive exchange rates.
  • Can send money to 35+ countries worldwide, including India, Philippines, and the Eurozone countries.

Global Money Transfer with #CIBCnofeeGMT

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Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by CIBC Global Money Transfer™. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

*Note: Ensure you check that the country you wish to send money to is available with CIBC Global Money Transfer™. Not all countries mentioned in this article are available.