I came upon LUSH Cosmetics just recently and I have to say…I’ve been converted. Friends have spoken of their love of Lush Bath Bombs for years but, I’ve never really been a fan of scented products so I dismissed the idea.

For those of you that aren’t aware of Lush. All their products are made using fresh organic fruits and vegetables, essential oils, and safe synthetics.They do not test on animals, use little or no preservatives and use environmental packaging. They even have vegetarian and vegan products. They really have great beliefs and are involved in multiple charities. Their products are also available world-wide.  The website shows ingredient lists for all their products as well as videos on how they make them. How cool is that!

During my research for my “carry-on luggage only journey“, I read about their solid shampoo bars, conditioners and (wait for it) toothpaste tablets. All liquid free and therefore carry-on friendly and I thought…

This I got to see!

Lucky for me there is a store close by so a shopping I went!
I love the ambience of the store (photo is from the Lush Website not the real store I shopped at) – their products are all natural and fresh and that concept is reflected in the store design with crates and wood shelving similar to a country market. The staff is very helpful and willing to explain their products, their merits and demonstrate their use. They have sinks, and towels available for you to clean up with after too (not that you plan on taking a shower there or anything). What I think is great is that each bottle of product has an expiry date and a sticker stating which employee actually created it. < that’s different eh?

Godiva Shampoo Bar

The instructions say to wet the bar, rub it down your hair 3 times (1 on each side and 1 on the back) and voilà lots of lather. The product works great and smells really nice – definitely scented but not over-powering. I bought the Godiva Shampoo Bar because I was told it was the most conditioning 2 in 1 (shampoo and conditioner in one) that they made. I was hoping to get away with not buying a separate conditioner bar but unfortunately, it isn’t conditioning enough for me so I plan on buying the Jungle Conditioner Bar. Don’t be worried when you notice little herbs and spices embedded into the bar – it’s all natural remember and the Godiva has rosemary oil and leaves.

I made sure to buy the matching metal Shampoo Bar Tin to hold the bar. Why? Because it has the logo on it.

Overall I love the shampoo bar. I just wish that it was not as drying on my hair.

Godiva Shampoo Bar = $11.95 Cdn. (55 g)/ Jungle Conditioner Bar = $8.95 Cdn. (55 g)/ Shampoo Bar Tin $3.95 Cdn.

Lush-Shampoo_tabsToothy Tabs

Now, this product I was most intrigued by. In the little cardboard box you get 40 little tablets that remind me of those sour rocket candies you get at Halloween. You nibble 1 tablet between your teeth, brush with a wet toothbrush, rinse and spit. Once you start nibbling the baking soda in the tablet immediately starts to foam up.

The toothy tabs come in 7 flavours. After consulting with the sales person, I was told that Ultrablast Toothy Tabs tasted the best out of all of them. My opinion – not too tasty, it reminded me of soapy baking soda – so I wonder what the other flavours taste like BUT my teeth felt and looked really sparkling clean for hours later. There were some bits of the tablet that didn’t dissolve fully and I have to admit that the sink looked pretty gross after.

Would I buy them again? I would. They are great for traveling liquid free and if you are out at a restaurant and you had a really garlicky meal – you can just nibble, rinse and spit – no brush necessary. I think I prefer my usual toothpaste for regular use though but for $4.95 for a box of 40 tablets they’re a great portable little product.

Be aware – that all LUSH Cosmetics products are made of all natural materials – so if you have allergies make sure you read the ingredient list.

Have you tried LUSH Cosmetics for travel? I’d love to hear what your opinion is.