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Outerboro Women’s Highline Shirt Review

An Outerboro Clothing Review for the Female Traveller

by Mary Chong
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Outerboro Clothing is a performance apparel company that started in 2012 in Taipei Taiwan by “active urban dwellers”, their clothing and designs encompass the following values: protection, comfort, sustainability and versatility.

I had never heard of them before partly because they are a relatively recent addition to the travel clothing market but mainly because their products aren’t available YET in stores within North America.

Multifunctional fabrics, everyday functionality and style

There are seven retail stores selling Outerboro clothing, located in Taipei, Taiwan where the Outerboro headquarters and products are manufactured. Shopping online was quick and easy on their website with lots of photos, and easy to find and understand sizing guide, and a clear FAQ section. Shipping was super fast with free worldwide shipping on orders over US$200.

For review purposes, I was sent a shirt and a pair of pants to try. At the moment there is a limited line of women’s items available (only one shirt, two pants and one skirt) more items will be added soon. Incidentally, there are 16 items available in the men’s line. Stay tuned for a men’s product review coming soon.

Outerboro Women’s Highline Shirt

Outerboro Clothing Women's Highline Shirt Review

The Highline Shirt is made with polyester nylon blend Nano-Tex® Fabric which “employs nanotechnology to provide extremely durable resistance to the elements, so you stay dry and comfortable” — cool eh?

The fabric and workmanship are incredible. You know that an item is well made when the seams on the inside look as good as they look on the outside. The fabric also feels nice and comfortable against your skin but, I did find that the fabric wasn’t entirely wrinkle resistant. It did wash well and dry quickly (within hours) which is a must have when travelling.

Oh, and about the wrinkles — when laundering, I simply took it out of the wash once the machine stopped, shook it out before hanging to dry and ironing wasn’t required.

Styling is a bit young for this middle-aged woman (wink) — oversized, large pockets, and a boxy fit; but the shoulders fit perfectly so I knew I had the correct size. None the less, I still think that this is a great shirt and would be perfect for hot climates where you need to maintain some modesty and don’t want anything too form fitting. Another plus is that the shirt could multitask as a beach cover-up.

Personally, for within an urban or work situation, I might have the sides taken in slightly so that there is more shape — but that’s just me. I can see my niece wearing this shirt for work and play exactly as it is.


  • fabric feels nice against your skin
  • fabric is breathable and has natural stretch
  • stain resistant to water, dirt, coffee, beer, and wine repellent
  • quality workmanship
  • nicely finished inside and out
  • washes and dries within hours


  • styling is a bit “young”
  • not wrinkle resistant

Colours: White, Coral Pink, Ice Blue, Lunar Grey
Size: Small, Medium, and Large
$98.00 US

Outerboro Women’s Motile Breeze Pants

Outerboro Clothing Women’s Motile Breeze Pants Review

When it comes to pants, I’m one of those people who knows instantly if I’m going to like them or not. That’s exactly how I felt the moment I zipped the Motile Breeze Pants up — a perfect fit! I wore them all day in my house while I worked at my desk and found them to be incredibly comfortable.

The fabric stretches and moves with you in what Outerboro calls “4-way stretch”. They do feel “synthetic” because they are made of lightweight nylon and elastane blend, but they still felt nice against my skin. While I was working at my desk, I did accidentally spill yoghurt on myself (I’m a slob). I just wiped the yoghurt off my lap with a tissue, and the pants still looked brand new. Just like the shirt, the workmanship is excellent with clean seams on the inside. The pockets have been reinforced with seam binding.

The pants are form-fitting and are meant to fit like a pair of skinny dressy jeans. The front and back pockets are very deep, but I wouldn’t put anything in them because the outline of the object would be visible due to the weight of the fabric.

One little thing that does bother me is the belt loops. I’m a belt girl, and even if pants fit me perfectly, I still wear one for fashion sake. Here’s the thing, there are no belt loops on the centre back of the waist — they stop at the side — as a result, my belt kept riding up my back. I’m crafty, so I’m going to fix this myself and add a loop, but it’s something to make a note of.

Outerboro Clothing Women’s Motile Breeze Pants Waistband

All in all, they are still a great pair of pants with only one flaw. I think that they would be perfect for a business trip where you need to be presentable once you step off of the plane but want to stay comfortable during the flight or as everyday pants that can go from casual situations to a nice dinner out. Ideal for work, travel and casual situations!


  • fabric is easy care
  • stain resistant to water, dirt, coffee, beer, and wine repellent
  • wash and dry overnight
  • 4-way stretch
  • wrinkle resistant
  • breathable and very comfortable
  • nice shade of navy— not too blue
  • deep back pockets with button closure
  • nicely finished inside seams
  • shortening/hemming included


  • fabric is lightweight
  • not suitable for winter unless you wear tights underneath
  • no belt loop at the centre back waist

Colours: Dress Blue, Shadow Gray, Black
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large

Outerboro Clothing Performance Apparel Motile Breeze Pants

One more thing — I just love their packaging. Each item of clothing came in its very own reusable zippered bag – perfect to reuse on your travels – versatile indeed!

Looking for a review of their men’s line? Check out our review:
An Outerboro Clothing Review for the Male Traveller

Check out Outerboro Clothing for quality, stylish, versatile performance apparel / travel clothing for work and play.

Outerboro Clothing provided product samples for review, however, all opinions are my own.

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Michela of Rocky Travel Blog December 14, 2014 - 12:46 pm

Nice post and review. As an outdoor addict I am always on the lookout for new brands and this seem to be a good one. However it seems that they deliver only in a few country in Asia. Is this correct?

Mary Chong December 14, 2014 - 2:12 pm

Thanks Michela! They do in fact deliver world wide. I’m in Canada and had no issues what so ever.


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