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You know that sinking feeling.

Your smart phone’s battery is at 10% power after your day of taking photos, Instagramming, tweeting, and using Google Maps while traversing the city.

You anxiously try everything you can to reduce your power usage: dimming your screen, turning off data and Wi-Fi, closing all of the opened apps.

It’s only a matter of time before you lose your connection to the world.

It’s that feeling that really got me excited about the togoPower Key Chain Charger by Fuse Chicken!

Running out of power happens to me on a daily basis when I go to school or work, let alone when I travel.

The thought of having an emergency power supply – beyond carrying your AC Adapter everywhere you go, and shuffling to find the nearest outlet – is always on my mind.

togoPower Key Chain Charger – Self-contained, Rechargeable, Portable Emergency Power

Unlike a lot of emergency power supplies, togoPower Key Chain Charger is all self-contained. It runs from a 1000mAh Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery and takes about an hour before it to charge fully.

However, don’t rely on this product if you want to fully charge your phone on the fly. We found that it only really gives you enough juice to see that Google map you’re relying on to get back to your hotel and send out those last text messages or tweets. It’s really for those key moments of emergency.

Fuse Chicken sells this specifically for the Apple Lightning Adapter or a MicroUSB adapter, so if you lack one of the more common smartphone brands, you’re out of luck.

Fuse Chicken togoPower Key Chain Charger Review by Calculated Traveller

For the purpose of this review, we received one compatible with the iPhone 5 and above. This specificity eliminates the need for the user to carry around a USB cable along with the power source, which adds to the compact nature of the charger.

To push this concept of “compact” even further, you can use the togoPower as a sync cord between your phone and computer; however if you prefer to charge through a wall adapter, then you’re going to need to carry the USB cable either way.

Nevertheless, it’s quite smart for an emergency power supply – it combines two accessories that you would normally carry in one relatively small box, AND it fits on a key chain!

Fuse Chicken togoPower Key Chain Charger Review by Calculated Traveller

togoPower Key Chain Charger Pros

  • Compact and small size
  • Sleek aesthetic
  • Durable rubber material
  • Lithium-Polymer rechargeable battery
  • Key Chain Attachment
  • Acts both as a charger and as a cable to connect your phone to your computer/USB port

togoPower Key Chain Charger Cons

  • Took a while for it to work on my iPhone 5 however, it worked perfectly with a 5th Gen iPod Touch and the iPhone 6
  • Simply for emergency charges – won’t bring your phone up to full power, but seems to carry more than most battery-powered chargers I’ve used previously
  • The button interface lands on the bottom when plugging your phone into the right USB port of a laptop
  • The simplicity of the design is sometimes confusing. It only works depending on the order in which you plug in and press the power button.

Fuse Chicken togoPower Key Chain Charger Review by Calculated Traveller

I received the Fuse Chicken togoPower Key Chain Charger for review purposes. I was not compensated for my review of this item. As always, all my opinions are my own.