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If you are Canadian you surely have heard of the jingle in the ads on the radio and TV for It really is unforgettable don’t you think?

I’m not sure how long they’ve used that song but I do know that SellOffVacations has been providing travel services to Canadian customers for over 30 years. With a long history such as this, they’ve developed a trusted reputation for providing great value and customer service.

They’ve just introduced a pretty unique foreign currency prepaid card called The SellOffVacations Travel FX card that you preload with local foreign currency making it the perfect choice for those trying to stick to a budget when travelling.

Purchase the currency of your destination locking in the exchange rate at time of purchase and load those funds onto your SellOffVacations Travel FX card. When you use the card worldwide either online, over the phone, or at ATMs you’ll be paying with local currency and not be subjected to daily fluctuations in the exchange rate each time you use the card. There’s no waiting for a credit card bill full of unknown fees when you return home.

The only fees you pay are the low purchase cost of the SellOffVacations Travel FX card and the exchange rate at the time you load it with currency.

By limiting yourself to a specific amount that you load BEFORE you go on the trip, you can easily spend within your budget and avoid accidentally going over your limit!

SellOffVacations Travel FX card – Easy, Safe, Budget Friendly

  • You can load up to equivalent of $3000 CDN in US Dollar, Mexican Pesos, British Pounds and Euros. (Only one currency is loaded on the card at a time)
  • Foreign currency exchange rate is locked in when you load the card with funds – credit cards are subject to fees and unfair exchange rates when spending abroad
  • The card can be reloaded should you need more funds or for your next trip
  • Funds don’t expire on the card so you can use the leftover money on your next trip
  • You can track your daily spending activity online and easily check your balance
  • Cards are protected with PIN and chip technology
  • You have access to an online support team 24/7
  • Card is standalone and not linked in any way to your main bank account
  • Card works just like any other MasterCard Credit Card worldwide

Find out more here or here.

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