With a name like Calculated Traveller, you’ve got to know that I’m crazy compulsive about planning and organising to get results. I like need order in my life!

Also, as a graphic designer and travel blogger, I carry around a lot of technology on my daily journeys as well as on a trip. When I say a lot – I mean A LOT. There’s my laptop, an external hard-drive, e-reader, mp3 player, DSLR camera, card reader, cell phone, GPS and of course all the chargers, cables, memory cards that go along with all the technology. Whew…

Technology – How do I keep it all together??

My usual method consisted of a zip lock bag. This system worked to a certain extent but even though I used heavy-duty bags they would eventually puncture before the trip was over and I would have to replace the bag. Another issue I had was that everything was all jumbled inside the bag, and I had to rummage through it or dump out the contents to find the right cable for each particular item.

I tried separating my belongings into multiple smaller bags by their task, i.e., camera, laptop, etc. the idea being that having smaller bags would make it easier to match each cable, it would be more organised and help the bags last longer. This method just made me stress over where the multiple bags were, and I was forever scared that I had left one of them behind in the hotel.

Another idea I had was to use a small thermal lunch bag. It was sturdier and added more protection, but it was too big, and there was quite a bit of wasted space, and it didn’t solve my jumbled mess situation unless I used smaller zip lock bags inside to separate the items.

Enter the STM Bags Velocity Cable Wrap

“Like a burrito for your digital gear”

STM Bags Velocity Cable Wrap
Measures (when rolled up) 10.2 x 5.9 x1.3 inches
Measures (open flat) 10.2 x 26 x 3.5 inches
Weighs 0.4 lbs

All my “stuff” can now go in its little individual compartment inside the wrap and then the whole thing gets rolled up.

Check out this snazzy video showing the Cable Wrap in action:

The burrito is a far better method than the ones I was using!

It’s environmental in that I’m not wasting plastic bags anymore. Plus it looks more “grown-up” when I’m at a client’s office. Added benefit being that no one asks me what’s for lunch anymore (wink).

If you wanted to take this one step further, you could use your trusty label maker and label each zone so that when an item gets removed from a pocket, you know precisely where to return it. (I find it a bit embarrassing to admit that I thought of labelling the pockets by the way)


  • Zippered pocket for small or loose items
  • Zipper pull tab has a pull cord attached with a little metal branded clip on the end to prevent fraying and to allow for easy opening
  • Wrap around strap with closure
  • Exterior fabric is thick, water-resistant, durable canvas with seam binding on the edges
  • Interior pockets are a slippery thick nylon type fabric
  • Two of the interior pockets have gussets on them to allow for fatter items
  • Interior pockets are trimmed with elasticized binding tape
  • Heavy duty stitching throughout


  • Entire bundle can be bulky depending on what and how much you put in it
  • Having everything in one bundle can be dangerous. If you lose it, you lose everything.
  • Corners of some items can get caught in the mesh of the side pockets.
  • It only comes in 1 colour – Charcoal. I’m a girlie girl, and I like bright colours. Bright colours also make it easy to spot so you don’t accidentally leave it on the bed of the hotel. Also, if it were pink I know my husband won’t “borrow” it!

STM Velocity Cable Wrap - Review by Calculated Traveller Magazine
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Have you got any tips for keeping your cables and accessories organised?

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