There is the old saying about death and taxes being the only things in life that are a given.

To many of us there’s a third given – holiday gift buying.

Selecting gifts for our loved ones, and making sure that there is some originality to our choices, can seem to be a daunting task. Well, you’re in luck because we’ve done some of the pondering for you! Here are 5 selections under $100.00 for you to consider for your loved one who loves tech gadgets, and loves to travel (or comes with you when YOU travel).

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 #1 – Noise Cancelling Headphones

holiday gift guide 2013
Nothing ruins a great trip like the sound of a droning airplane engine, or the droning of anything…

Anyone who travels and enjoys music or other entertainment on the trip will appreciate a pair of these.

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 #2 – Solar Powered Charger

holiday gift guide 2013
The sheer number of gadgets that we rely on these days is staggering compared with even 5 years ago. They are useful on so many levels, from translating words so that we can communicate to taking pictures so that we can remember where we went. They do need power to do all these wonderful things though. Sometimes we find ourselves in remote locations, or on excursions that take us away from easily accessible power. A charger that works on solar is certainly something that can come in handy in those situations, and while they do take a bit of time to recharge they are good storage devices and if you can leave them alone to do what they have to do, well, they don’t use any fossil fuels or costly energy from the grid. A bit of green on your trip could be a good thing.

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 #3 – Portable Bluetooth Speaker

holiday gift guide 2013
There are a lot of different speakers out there for travel, and with corded and Bluetooth speakers in the mix there seems to be no shortage of choices. For the beach, hotel, or anytime that you want to share your entertainment, portable speakers are a great travel companion. For the last 6 months I’ve been listening to a Blue Piston Bluetooth speaker that easily packs away for travel. The battery lasts and lasts, even when used exclusively on wireless playback (you can connect directly with a cable to increase the life of both the speaker and your device’s battery) and the sound quality is remarkable for something half the size of a can of soup.

For a corded speaker see Mary’s review of the iHome portable speaker here.

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 #4 – Eye-Fi Memory Card

holiday gift guide 2013
We recently published a review of the Eye-Fi SD memory card, and while there are some limitations it’s definitely a good choice for anyone with a camera that doesn’t have wifi. Once linked to a smartphone or tablet pictures can be shared immediately using wifi (or data, but watch your data roaming).

Eye-Fi Mobi Memory Card

Holiday Gift Guide 2013 #5 – Apps

holiday gift guide 2013While Apps might seem like an odd gift to give someone, the reality is that sometimes it’s the small things that have the greatest impact.

For iOS users (iPhone, iPad) there is an app that was just released that goes by the odd name Photopills (I have absolutely no idea why, but it doesn’t really matter, trust me). The app provides a photographer with the tools to enable them to observe and plan for the position of the sun, moon, and even stars in their photographs. While there are other apps that offer similar information (see LightTrac and The Photographers Ephemeris) Photopills provides a user interface that gives an Augmented Reality view of things, which is an indispensable tool for composition. Currently the app is only available for iOS devices, but I would suspect that an Android version won’t be far behind.

So there you go. A few options for you to consider this holiday season that your tech savvy loved one may not already have their eye on.

Then again, even if they do you’ll look good getting them something that they didn’t expect you to know about. (You’re welcome, and happy holidays).

Stay tuned for more Holiday Gift Guides in the next few days.

Have you got some great gift ideas this season? Share them in the comments below…