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argie grill

Argie Grill – Empanadas on Las Olas Riverfront Fort Lauderdale

by Mary Chong
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Wherever I go on my travels I’m always on the hunt for empanadas – baked or fried it doesn’t matter. There’s just something about a shell of dough packed with yummy meat stuffing. I have my favorite spots in San Juan, Toronto and Miami but one of my first experiences eating empanadas was at Argie Grill in Fort Lauderdale.

Located downtown near the Las Olas Riverfront. Argie Grill has been at this site for a while. If you are a fan of food TV, Rachael Ray profiled this little restaurant on her show “$40 a day” back in 2009.

That’s right 2009! Years ago the Las Olas Riverfront was hopping 7 days a week – filled with busy restaurants, bars and a movie theatre but over the years things have changed and now unfortunately it’s a wasteland of vacant shops. The surrounding area does get busy on the first Sunday of each month between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm when the “Sunday Jazz Brunch” is in operation. We attended this once and it was just fabulous to sit back with all the locals and listen to free live jazz. Pack a picnic and a blanket and TRY to find a spot to sit…it will be tough to find one if you don’t get here early. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!)

Back to the empanadas, over the years the shop hasn’t changed a bit. Don’t expect ambiance or a fancy decor. There are a few seats but really, the best thing to do is to get take out and head back to one of the picnic tables by the water’s edge.

In December, we were in Fort Lauderdale with friends and were showing them the sights by taking a tour/ride on the Water Taxi (see the post here) so; we had to include a visit to Argie.

argie grill

What’s the best thing about dining out with friends?

You can each choose a different flavour and try them all.

There are over 20 different empanada varieties to choose from and they are tasty, handmade, and a bargain at about $4 each.

We each chose a different filling

  • Classic Beef
  • Sirloin
  • Spinach and Portobello
  • Chicken and Mushroom

argie grill
Warm from the oven with a little chimichurri sauce on it and you are good to go.

Next time you are in Fort Lauderdale…Check them out.

Argie Grill

300 SW 1st Street, Unit 125, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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