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Groopic - Group Photo App Review

Groopic – Group Photo App Review

by Martin Wigginton
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At this special time of year where friends and family get together to share memories and large amounts of food it’s important to remember the photographer. The photographer is the unsung hero of the family event or travel adventure – the person who always seems to be behind the camera. Can you describe the photographer, because there are no pictures of him or her?

Well, the folks who created Groopic have a way to capture the elusive photographer, whether it’s at a family event a few hours flight away, or just two travellers alone at the Great Wall. This app currently available for iOS (iPhone and iPad), and likely soon to be available for Android, makes it possible to bring the photographer out from behind the camera and put them comfortably in their own photos.

‘What is this Groopic Magic?’, you ask…”

groopicWell, while it may seem like magic once the picture is done it’s actually a simple procedure involving two pictures that are stitched together into one.

When you launch the app you will find a simple interface that has a large camera icon. Simply press the button and the device launches the camera. Looking through the camera lens, compose your shot of the group leaving an empty space for you.

It’s best to leave the second person who will be taking the next shot somewhat separate as well. This avoids confusion and photo merging issues in the last step of this process.

Groopic - Group Photo App Review

After you have taken the first photo have everyone stay in their original positions, you join the group in the empty space you saved for yourself, and photographer number 2 gets behind the camera.

Groopic - Group Photo App Review

Once you are in place, the camera will show an outline of the first image so that photographer number 2 can line up the next shot as best they can, with you in it. The app then asks you to identify the first and second photographer and then…magic happens.

Groopic - Group Photo App Review

Presto Chango Groopic Magic

Once the merging process is complete, you, and the other photographer, are both in the picture. Cool isn’t it?

Groopic - Group Photo App Review

Now, in case you get the idea that this can be used to put people in who aren’t actually there, it can’t.

The 2 shots need to be done in sequence as the app doesn’t store the first photo so that you can use it to merge later. The app is designed to allow everyone to be in the shot at that moment (approximately, give or take a minute or so for swapping photographers).

What you can do if you want to be creative (and your kids will love this) is to have two of the same person in a shot. You take both photos and assign the person changing positions to be both photographer 1 and 2. As with anything digital, being creative is half the fun.

Enjoy the holidays, take lots of pictures, and enjoy actually being in them this year.

Have an app that makes life more fun? Take a minute to let us know in the comments below.

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