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Beau’s Brewery A Natural Choice For Ontario Craft Beer Lovers According To JustFly

Beau’s Brewery A Natural Choice For Ontario Craft Beer Lovers

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People really love beer. For centuries, generations of people have brewed, drank, and sold beer. While major brewers from across the world have since capitalised on this love of suds to build massively profitable brands, small town breweries have laid in the weeds, carving out their little slice of the beer sales pie. Over the last decade or so we have seen these smaller companies further take off, embracing their underdog status and becoming standards in beer stores and liquor outlets. This has been especially true in the Canadian province of Ontario, where once rigid liquor laws have loosened to a degree to promote competition. One company that has benefited from this is Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company. Based in Vankleek Hill, Ontario, a small town between Canada’s capital of Ottawa, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, Beau’s has carved out a niche by selling beer that goes from farm to table and tastes great in the process.

Launched on Canada Day in 2006, Beau’s made its first mark in the world of craft beer by introducing it’s now regionally famous Lug Tread Lagered Ale. Lug Tread continues to be one of their most popular brews and is synonymous with the brand itself. Originally run by a father and son team, Tim and Steve Beauchesne, Beau’s has grown from a small brewery that supplied local bars and walk-in patrons, to selling their wares across Ontario, Quebec, and, just recently, New York State. While craft breweries are everywhere, there are few that are truly independent. Beau’s assured their independence going forward after the Beauchesnes decided to sell the brewery to their staff in a process that could take up to three decades.

So, what makes Beau’s beer so beloved? It could be as simple as the ingredients they choose. Their Lug Tread brew and their numerous seasonal brews are all made with 100% organic ingredients. Not only are the ingredients certified organic, but the brewery also works with the Ontario Federation of Agriculture to help develop local hops. As for where you can get it, Beau’s beer does not have a great shelf life thanks to its high-quality ingredients. With that said, Beau’s is available across Southern Ontario in both Beer Stores and LCBOs. Also, Beau’s is available on tap at many bars from Ottawa to Toronto. Additionally, bars and stores in Quebec recently began carrying the beer along with the state of New York.

While big brewers are here to stay, small brewers from across Ontario are starting to give them a run for their money. With companies like Beau’s All Natural Brewing, Creemore Springs, and Steam Whistle Brewing, the state of craft brewing in Ontario has never been better.

Guest Author: Keith Holland is the Community Manager for Momentum Travel and is a graduate of Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s Humber College Journalism Program.

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