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Travel Music Playlist – Haliburton Folk Music Camp Ontario

by Mary Chong
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Some folks take it with them

Some folks bring it home with them

We always spend time before a trip compiling our vacation playlist – some reggae for the beach, some dance to keep us awake, some classical for reading and relaxing, some comedy for the drive.

But have you ever brought music home with you after your trip?

Music makes a great souvenir and really brings back the happy memories of a fabulous trip. Music appeals to the senses after all.

Haliburton Folk Music Camp

I recently had the opportunity to visit Haliburton Ontario for a great winter weekend getaway and after a day of creativity at Artech Glass Blowing Studios learning the art of glass blowing (you can read the article about my experience with glass blowing here). Barrie of Yours Outdoors, our guide and host, invited us to attend an evening concert performance at Camp Wanakita home of the 2014 Haliburton Winter Folk Camp.

Haliburton Folk Camp is an annual event, initiated by the Haliburton County Folk Society, where students live, learn and practice music during an intense weekend retreat taught by Canadian musicians participating as “Artists in Residence”.

I’m not a musician but this seems like a great way to absorb oneself completely in the craft. Living, learning, sleeping, eating and breathing music and the surroundings of the winter wonderland that is Haliburton is an added bonus!

The concerts themselves (we only attended one of them) are the “finale” if you will of the weekend where each “musician/instructor” gets featured in a concert.

Performing that evening were Teresa Doyle, October Browne, and Tim Chaisson.

Here are a couple of videos taken by Sharon of Dream Travel Magazine of the performances.

What a community event this was! Warm welcomes were received from all involved as we sat in a large circular room and sipped on hot chocolate, tea, wine and beer and relaxed listening to the music and the stories behind the music.

I came away from the event with 3 new artists added to my ever-increasing travel music playlist. Now, each time one of these songs start playing on my mp3 player I’m reminded of the music, stories and softly falling snow that make for great memories of a weekend trip with friends.

So, the next time you are on a trip instead of the t-shirts, and typical tourists trap trinkets – look out for some local artists and bring home some music – It will bring back the sweet memories of your time away.

Have you ever purchased music while on a trip? Share some of the artists you love with us in the comments below so we can check them out.

I attended the concert as a guest of Ontario Highlands Tourism. All opinions are entirely my own.

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