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Cottonelle Baby Wipes

Top 10 Favourite Uses for Baby Wipes When Travelling

by Mary Chong
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I always take a package of baby wipes when travelling …they are useful for a multitude of things not involving babies (or in my case useful for BIG babies).

In fact, baby wipes are such practical portable piece of travel gear that I keep smaller size pocket baby wipes packages in my purse for daily use at home also!

I use Cottonelle Flushable Clean Cloths but there are many brands/products on the market. One important piece of advice though, please be a considerate traveller and double-check that the brand of baby wipes you are packing in your bags are genuine travel flushable wipes and that the plumbing can handle them before you, well um, flush.

My 10 Favourite Uses for Baby Wipes For Travelling

  1. Obvious uses like dirty, sticky fingers. Bonus if you got your fingers sticky eating barbecue ribs on a picnic.
  2. Did you miss the Calculated Traveller tip about bleach wipes? Baby wipes are better than nothing…
  3. No soap in the restroom and you forgot/ran out of hand sanitizer? Travel baby wet wipes to the rescue…
  4. Perfect to wipe your hands on after you’ve put on another layer of sunscreen. I hate that sticky feeling of sunscreen on the palms of my hands. Travel size wipes also work well to remove sand from your feet.
  5. Have you been hit with a gastrointestinal bug? Use the travel toilet wipes for what they were originally intended. Keep flushable wipes travel packs in your purse.
  6. Wiping down the toilet seat in public places. (see #5 above)
  7. Freshening up after a long flight.
  8. Keep your travel wet wipes in the fridge/cooler bag and they are perfect for a refreshing cool down after a hot day. I did this in Ephesus when it was a billion degrees.
  9. Use baby travel wipes when there is no shower available when camping or beaching. Bonus points if you did #8 and put them in your cooler first.
  10. They double as a makeup remover if you are trying to pack light.

Another point, I normally like to be environmental, and I’m sure you do too. I find those hard plastic baby wipes travel cases that you can refill to be an annoyance when travelling as they aren’t compact, are heavier than the resealable travel wet wipe packages and they don’t stay sealed, and the baby wipes dry up. I like to buy a larger tub of Cottonelle travel wipes and put some in a resealable zip lock bag.

Can you fly with  baby wipes and take wet wipes on a plane? Absolutely, I do it all the time! So go raid that diaper bag and take those baby wipes travelling today!

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10 Uses for Baby Wipes When Travelling - that don't involve a baby - Calculated Traveller

Do you have any additional baby wipes uses to share? Let me know by commenting below.

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