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EdgeWalk Toronto: Start At The Top, Work Your Way Down

EdgeWalk Toronto: Start At The Top, Work Your Way Down

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The winter season winding down can only mean one thing in Toronto: The return of EdgeWalk

Just as the name implies, EdgeWalk is an “extreme urban adventure” for brave (or crazy) souls who think it would be fun to walk along the edge of one of the world’s tallest free-standing structures on a narrow, steel circumference.

EdgeWalk, at the CN Tower (La Tour CN), has become Toronto’s most extreme attraction since its inception in August 2011.

Everything on the ground appears teeny tiny from 1,168 feet (116 stories) in the air. Cars look like children’s toy cars and people like ants. Views of blue Lake Ontario glisten below. The total experience lasts 1.5 hours with a 20- to 30-minute outdoor walk.

Visitors walk in groups of six to eight while attached to an overhead safety rail via a trolley and harness system. Trained EdgeWalk guides encourage participants to push their personal limits, allowing them to lean back over Toronto with nothing but air and breathtaking views beneath them. It is the world’s highest hands-free walk on a 5-foot wide ledge that encircles the roof of CN Tower’s restaurant.

And if the thought of dangling above the earth isn’t scary enough, you’ll also be subject to screenings for narcotics, explosives and alcohol consumption. There will also be metal detection and a physical pat down to remove all fall hazards. The only allowable personal article (other than clothing) on the EdgeWalk is eyeglasses.

At the time of writing, tickets are $195 and include a keepsake video, printed photos, a certificate of achievement and re-entry to CN Tower. You will also receive a Tower Experience ticket, which includes LookOut level, Glass Floor level, and SkyPod, plus access to a motion theatre ride and the CN Tower story in the Height of Excellence film.

To book EdgeWalk and for more information, visit edgewalkcntower.ca.

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416-601-3833 (Daily 9 am – 8 pm)
[email protected]

EdgeWalk Toronto: Start At The Top, Work Your Way Down

Let’s say EdgeWalk isn’t quite your thing. CN Tower has a lot of other good attributes.

CN Tower is Toronto’s tallest and most defining landmark and Toronto’s skyline is made famous by the structure jutting straight into the air. Visitors can explore two observation levels, the Glass Floor and LookOut.

The Glass Floor at 1,122 ft./342m, with outdoor SkyTerrace, gives people a chance to test their mettle by walking across the glass floor 113 stories above the ground. With only 2.5 inches of glass holding you 342 meters in the air, the glass floor is actually stronger than most commercial floors and has the strength to hold 85,000 pounds or 14 hippos! If the glass floor isn’t enough excitement for you, there’s a motion theatre ride (must be 42 inches tall to ride). And don’t forget the 15-minute film on the construction of the tower.

One level above the Glass Floor, take in the views from the 1,136-foot LookOut level. Horizons, an upscale bistro on the Look Out Level, seats 130 and is equipped with a dance floor.

You could even go up another 33 stories to the SkyPod.

The tower’s revolving 360 Restaurant offers an award-winning wine list and a spectacular view for romantic evenings. The 360 Restaurant makes a complete rotation every 72 minutes, giving diners a changing view of Toronto more than 1,000 feet below.
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