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Lewis N. Clark Travel Bags Review – Part 1

by Mary Chong
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Lewis N. Clark

You got to know that when a brand is named after and inspired by the great American explorers Meriwether Lewis & William Clark, that they mean serious business when it comes to travel products.

With a company history that goes back over 20 years, Lewis N. Clark travel bags and accessories are designed with function, quality, and durability in mind.

The good folks over at Lewis N. Clark sent us a few of their products for review, and honestly, there was so much gear that it was too much for one article! So, I thought I’d split it out in two. SO, make sure you check out Part 2 later this week – which will also include a special bonus (hint).

Carry-on Pouch 311

Let’s start with the one item that every traveller uses – the 3-1-1 bag!

 lewis n clark 311 travel bags

The TSA travel rules when it comes to toiletry bags are simple:
1 person
1-quart bag
3.4 ounces (or less) per container

Technically I guess that makes it 1-1-3.4 (but it doesn’t sound as catchy this way!)

I love this version of the TSA Carry-on Toiletry bag. The plastic is thick and feels slightly rubbery and gives the impression that it is strong. I especially love the zipper because it’s water-resistant.

I’ve had other clear plastic 3-1-1 bags, and the regular fabric zippers are sewn to the hard, stiff, inflexible plastic bag. If a spill occurs inside the bag, the liquid will seep through the stitching or fabric of the zipper and leak out. This bag isn’t like that at all and leads me to think that any spill would be contained inside and not leak out.

Size: 7.5 in x 8 in

lewis n clark 311 travel bags


  • 3-1-1 compliant size (1 quart)
  • Clear transparent TPU plastic
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Water-resistant zipper (not often found on other 3-1-1 bags)


  • Wish that there was a swivel clip attached to the loop by the zipper so that you can hang it on the outside of your bag when going through security. I added my carabineer to the existing loop but it isn’t made for this purpose, so hopefully, it doesn’t rip off with use.
  • The zipper pull is small and may be difficult to use if you have large fingers
  • Flat like an envelope – there are no gussets at the bottom to allow for bulkier items

ElectroLight Packing Cube for Organizing

I’m a Carry-On Only traveller, and when you are living out of only one piece of luggage, the key is to stay as organised as possible.

lewis n clark travel bags featherlight packing cubes

Even if you aren’t a “One-Bagger” keeping similar items together and separating other items apart just makes sense. Separating clean clothing from dirty or casual clothing from formal helps to avoid the task of rummaging through all your belongs; causing yourself extra work searching and refolding everything over and over.

When I look at organising bags, I look at overall size first — if it doesn’t fit nicely in your suitcase it ain’t gonna work! It’s like the packing version of Tetris – you are trying to optimise the limited space.

The second thing I look at is the weight of the organising bag – lightweight is essential because you don’t want to add lots of extra weight to the limited pounds you are allowed to bring on board.

The third thing I look at is quality, the durability of the fabric and zippers. I want my bags to endure repeated opening and closing and multiple trips.

Electrolight Expandable Packing Cube

ElectroLight Organizing Bags 3 sizes available:
Small: 8in x 6in
Medium: 8in x 10in
Large: 10in x 14in


  • Ripstop
  • Lightweight
  • Covered seams on the interior
  • Mesh panel for breathability
  • Can see what’s inside thru the mesh
  • 3 colours – midnight, plum, pear
  • Expandable to 3 inches deep


  • Mesh could get snagged on things
  • No little tabs to hold onto when opening and closing the zipper
  • Wish it had a carrying handle
  • The label on the small bag suggests to use it for power cords/cables/tech. etc but I think it might puncture the mesh
  • Mesh for all sizes could get snagged on things
  • The medium bag did not have the little tabs to hold onto when opening and closing the zipper like the small bag had

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I was provided sample products for review purposes. This did not affect the writing of this article – all my opinions are my own.

Have you tried any of these products before? I’d love to hear what you thought..

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