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Travel Music Playlist – Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi

by Martin Wigginton
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Does your vacation have a soundtrack?

If it did what would it sound like?

Elvis? Costello or Presley?

Bono? U2 or Sonny?

Often times movies rely on classical music for their atmosphere, so perhaps you might like to have a nice orchestral sound to your travels around the world?

ludovico einaudi

Ludovico Einaudi, Italian pianist and composer

Recently, I was introduced to the work of Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian pianist and composer who has written scores for movies such as Black Swan, I’m Still Here, and The Intouchables. He has also written music for Ricky Gervais’ television series Derek, and the small screen adaptation of Doctor Zhivago. You can also hear Einaudi’s music in the background of the occasional commercial.

For me, classical music is always a background music choice when I want to watch the world go by. With it there you can find something to watch that fits the rhythm. Whether it’s a busy square in Rome or a bird soaring over the beach in Cuba.

Einaudi’s album Divenire provides a varied pace that compliments whatever you want to make of the scenery.

It will energize and awaken you with the title song Divenire – watch a busy London street with your headphones on and you’ll never forget the experience.

Sit at a café and read a new-found vacation novel with Oltremare softly playing in the background.

While waiting for your flight, listen to Fly, and observe the energy of the airport.

Or, just have the entire album play through as you are on your flight – I do recommend noise-cancelling headphones for this though, to get more of the music and less of the drone.

If classical isn’t your music of choice check out something with a little more jazz here.

Have any music suggestions for us? Drop by the comments section below and let us know.

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