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Cabot Trail Sunrise Baddeck

Sunrise to Sunset. Cabot Trail Cape Breton Photo Essay

by Martin Wigginton
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The Cabot Trail is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations, and it isn’t hard to understand why.

The following photos were taken on a recent trip clockwise around the trail. From the starting point near Baddeck we circled the trail over the course of a day July 2013. You might find yourself wanting to follow the same path this summer once you get a sense of the beauty that lies along the way.

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On to The World Famous Cabot Trail we go

Cabot Trail Cape Breton
Cabot Trail Margaree River
Margaree River – bring your fishing rod.
Cabot Trail Cape Breton
The trail winds in and out of the landscape ahead.
Cabot Trail Cape Breton
There are plenty of vistas to enjoy along the way.
Chéticamp Cabot Trail
Chéticamp – the first major centre along the trail. Stop for a coffee and to stretch your legs. You enter the Cape Breton Highlands National Park shortly after leaving here.
Chéticamp Boats Cabot Trail
While in Chéticamp you might see the fleet prepped and ready for the next trip out.
Meat Cove Cabot Trail
Meat Cove
Meat Cove Kayaking Cabot Trail
A popular past time with visitors to Meat Cove.
Meat Cove Cape Breton
A little colour to help standout.
Dingwall Beach Cabot Trail
It isn’t all rock and steep cliffs. Some of it reminds you of more southerly climes. This is the beach near Dingwall – you have to park and walk a little, but it’s worth it.
Scotch Cove Cabot Trail
Scotch Cove, and if you look really closely…
pilot whales in Scotch Cove
…you might see a pod of Pilot Whales (and the odd seagull or two).
Near Neil's Harbour Cape Breton
Near Neil’s Harbour.
South Bay in Ingonish
South Bay in Ingonish. The Keltic Lodge is directly behind me, and the view from there is just as magnificent.
Ingonish Ferry
Ingonish Ferry
Ingonish Ferry view at Knotty Pine Cottages
Ingonish Ferry – this is the view at the Knotty Pine Cottages.
Cape Smokey
Cape Smokey – this shot was taken on a previous trip to the Island, but gives a good indication of just how high up you are when you ascend into the Ingonish area.
Sunset at Baddeck Cabot Trail
And we return to the Baddeck area in time for a beautiful sunset.

Something to consider if you are planning to visit Cape Breton (and I’m sure it’s on your list now) is that you are going to enjoy the journey and the adventure much more if you break up over a few days or more.

There are numerous places to explore, and the trails in the park are second to none. This series of photos has just barely scratched the surface of what you can find if you take your time… so slow down and enjoy the journey.

Have you visited the Cabot Trail? Do you have another place that’s special? Let us know about it in the comments section below.

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