A Dream of Fiji - Calculated Traveller

A Dream of Fiji

Ah… Fiji… never has one place in the world been in so many dreams. I can’t say for sure ALL women but I know that for THIS woman a Fiji vacation would be a dream come true. My reason? it’s the thought of being with my husband relaxing under palm trees, sunning ourselves on a […]

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An Outerboro Clothing Review for the Male Traveller - Vanguard Shirt and Aegis Pants | Calculated Traveller

An Outerboro Clothing Review for the Male Traveller

Outerboro Clothing is a performance apparel company that started in 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan by “active urban dwellers”. Their clothing and designs encompass the following values: protection, comfort, sustainability, and versatility. There are 7 retail stores selling Outerboro clothing but all are located in Taipei, Taiwan where the Outerboro headquarters and products are manufactured but […]

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