Author: Jamie M. Kwan

Fort Worth Water Gardens, Fort Worth Texas

If you are looking for a quiet oasis (and a lot of water) in downtown Fort Worth Texas, a stroll through the 4-acre Fort Worth Water Gardens designed by architects Philip Johnson and John Burgee should be the first place you look. Calculated Traveller Mary recently stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel directly across the street and stumbled upon this little gem when she went for a walk in the neighbourhood. Read her article Review: Sheraton Fort Worth Hotel and Spa Texas Opened in 1974 the Fort Worth Water Gardens consists of a central square and event stage as...

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Segway of Ontario – Touring Toronto Distillery District in Style

There are many ways to experience the Distillery District – Toronto’s well-known historic and entertainment precinct. You could catch a show, grab a coffee, gelato, or beer, or check out some of the many art galleries and designer stores. But I think the most unique way of experiencing the Distillery District is in style – by Segway!! I had the pleasure of taking a short tour of the Distillery District with Segway of Ontario, and WOW was it a lot of fun. Not only was it my first time riding a Segway, but it was such a cool way...

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Fuse Chicken togoPower Key Chain Charger Review

You know that sinking feeling. Your smart phone’s battery is at 10% power after your day of taking photos, Instagramming, tweeting, and using Google Maps while traversing the city. You anxiously try everything you can to reduce your power usage: dimming your screen, turning off data and Wi-Fi, closing all of the opened apps. It’s only a matter of time before you lose your connection to the world. It’s that feeling that really got me excited about the togoPower Key Chain Charger by Fuse Chicken! Running out of power happens to me on a daily basis when I go...

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Photo Essay: Canada’s Sublime East Coast

Living in Toronto, we’ve had a few cold winter days in the 2015 season, hitting well below the -20 degrees Celsius mark with a good foot or so of snow. And despite the troubles and woes of a typical Canadian winter, it reminded me of how gorgeous this country becomes in times when the weather isn’t perfect and sunny. It reminded me of the optimism surrounding a Canadian winter, where my neighbours pull out their cross-country skis to commute through a snowed-in city. Beyond snow, I thought back to my family vacation last summer out on the east coast...

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An Outerboro Clothing Review for the Male Traveller

Outerboro Clothing is a performance apparel company that started in 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan by “active urban dwellers”. Their clothing and designs encompass the following values: protection, comfort, sustainability, and versatility. There are 7 retail stores selling Outerboro clothing but all are located in Taipei, Taiwan where the Outerboro headquarters and products are manufactured but shopping online was quick and easy on their website with lots of photos, an easy to find and understand sizing guide, and a clear FAQ section. Shipping was super fast with free worldwide shipping on orders over US$200. Recently, we reviewed their line of...

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Villa Vizcaya Museum & Gardens – Everything Italianate, Local to North America

Ever wanted to experience all of Europe in one trip, but dread the costs of flying across the Atlantic and the thought of backpacking between hostels? That might just be a “student” problem of mine – hence why I’ve never been to Europe (yet) – but now, all it takes to have a true European experience is a simpler trip to Miami, Florida. Villa Vizcaya, located just south of downtown Miami, is an enormous villa complex built between 1914 and 1922 that embodies everything that screams the Italian Renaissance, but adapts to it’s subtropical and ocean-side ecosystem.   Officially...

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The Invisible Artist: Graffiti Culture with Tour Guys Toronto

Living in an urban core, graffiti becomes a normal sight. The illegible “words” scrawled across the most unusual of places within the urban fabric might be dismissed by some, might be praised my others, and might be criticized by the other few. However what most people don’t know is that these interventions represent a conversation at the scale of the city – a conversation that is invisible to the outside eye, but at the same time, begs for attention. This past September I met Kit – an actor, rapper, writer, and former graffiti artist under the name, “Knows” –...

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5 Must-See Works of Art at the Metropolitan Museum, NYC

For you frequent New York City travellers out there, you probably have your personal must-see spots: a local restaurant, a public park, a rooftop bar; for me, that place is the Metropolitan Museum of Art (or the ‘Met’, if you want to sound like you know where you’re going). The Met is one of the largest art museums in the WORLD, and from the three times that I’ve been there (out of the four times that I’ve visited Manhattan), I can confidently say that more than half the Met’s collection on display is still brand new to me. “Museum...

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Dreams of Pandora: Touring the Shennongjia Forests in China

We sailed between dark forests amongst fog and rain. Winding rivers through the depths of tall, rounded mountain peaks, as if you were thrown into a traditional Chinese painting. Stone paths led us through mythical folk tales while gentle beasts lurk behind a wall of trees and bushes. The Shennongjia Forests are truly a vast landscape of mystery, emotion, and a tad bit of fear of isolation – unless of course you’re on a large guided tour whilst on vacation! Two years ago today, I was in the midst of my summer travels through Eastern and Northern China. As...

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Perspectives Under the Sea: Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Close your eyes. Picture the most amazing aquarium that you can imagine. Elegant and exquisite fish of every shape, size, and colour, great white sharks swimming by, and perhaps even a giant sea turtle gracefully gliding through the water as you snap photos of it through the glass. Now imagine where this aquarium is located: Vancouver, Nassau, California, Australia, South Africa; surely all of these places may come to mind, but Toronto certainly does not top that list. When Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada announced its opening in September 2013, I could not be more excited. Toronto isn’t known as...

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