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Use Coupons to Save Money When Travelling

Like many people, I always try to use coupons to save money when I’m at home. Typically I use coupons for groceries, but lately, I’ve used them for the “extras” in life such as facials, manicures and for dining out at restaurants.
BUT have you thought about using coupons when you travel?

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Product Review: mifold Grab-and-Go Booster Seat

I’m not the first to say this nor will I be the last, but travelling with kids isn’t easy. Their safety is always a top priority when we travel but when you’re in the middle of the Caribbean or on the West Coast of Canada without your familiar car and car seats/boosters, what do you do? Often the answer is you improvise – borrowing a friend’s old booster, or using the regular seatbelt in a local taxi.

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How to Treat and Avoid the TOP 5 Vacation Illnesses

Yes, there is a TOP 5 of vacation illnesses—those awful ailments that vacationers and long-term travellers dread most when away from home. Here are the best ways to treat (and more importantly, avoid)these vacation fun busters so you can enjoy your time away as much as possible.

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A Cruise Guide to Mahogany Bay Roatan Honduras

A visit to the 20-acre Mahogany Bay Cruise Centre and Mahogany Beach on the south-west side of the island is like a private island adventure! It’s totally secure in that it is only accessible to passengers of the cruise ship that has docked at the port for that day.

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Travel Security and Flexibility with Lewis N. Clark

Calculated travel is more than beautiful scenery and exotic locations; it’s also about the practical logistics – getting to your destination safe and sound without any hiccups along the way. Travel security and flexibility are the keys to success in this regard.

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Travel Tip #7: Carry a Travel First Aid Kit

When it comes to being a Calculated Traveller, one should always be prepared for emergencies and carry a travel first aid kit because you never know when you’ll need a bandage for something as minor as a paper cut from your paper boarding pass.

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