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CalculatedTraveller.com launched in February 2013 as an online magazine with informative travel advice, helpful tips, honest reviews, and travel inspiration for destinations throughout the world. Sharing our photos and stories of our adventures from both near and far; each article focuses on budget planning and preparation for all types of travellers across a wide range of travel experiences.

According to the Dictionary:
Calculated (adjective) = carefully thought out in advance, undertaken after careful estimation of the likely outcome, made or planned to accomplish a certain purpose

We hope to share our stories, photos and memories of our adventures near and far as well as tips and planning suggestions to get you there. We just might have some knee-slapping laughs and perhaps a few tears along the way!

Getting the most bang for your buck without wasting time or running into any complications is our core goal for YOU, our readers.

We aim to deliver.

We plan, we test, we research, and we share everything.

The good and the bad.

The Calculated Traveller Team

What makes us experts?

We’re not experts. We are just people who love to travel, take photographs and write about our journeys around the world. PLUS we have the habit of over thinking everything – we hate surprises like going over budget, or missing connections…so we are always prepared!

With varied experiences, ages, backgrounds and lifestyles, each one of our writers can highlight that perfect perspective to show our readers the best that a city/location or product has to offer.

Combined, we have been on 30+ cruises. We’ve travelled throughout North America, the Caribbean, Europe and Asia by plane, train, and automobile. We’ve walked, hiked, sailed, and even jumped out of planes.

All for our passion – to experience life to its fullest and bring our experiences forward to other like minded travellers.

Let us share our passion with you!

So, what equation fits your vacation?

Mary Chong

Mary Chong

Editor-in-Chief / Lead Writer / World Cruiser

Mary Chong is an award-winning travel writer, social media influencer, professional graphic designer and founder of Calculated Traveller Magazine based in Toronto, Canada. An over-thinker when it comes to being prepared for any situation, Mary embraces travelling via carry-on only no matter the length of the trip or destination of the adventure.

She is an active member of The Society of American Travel Writers, The International Travel Writers Alliance, Toronto Travel Massive, and IFWTWA – The International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association where she is Regional Membership Coordinator for Canada. Mary contributes to multiple online websites including FWTMagazine.com (an IFWTWA publication), MomsandMunchkins.ca, TravelFashionGirl.com, and TheYums.com.

2018 Third Place Winner Best International Story, The Society of American Travel Writers Canada Chapter Writing Awards

Member: International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association
Member: Society of American Travel Writers

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Ray Chong

Ray Chong

Contributor / Logistics

Ray Chong is a retired health care professional with the local municipal government based in Toronto, Canada. An avid nature lover, outdoorsman, and hobby financial ninja. Logistics and trip planning are his speciality as he works through the details of any adventure with a fine tooth comb ensuring that all goes like clockwork. Hey, he’s not perfect, and if something does go awry, there is always a backup plan ready and waiting.

Saving here and splurging there, Ray has been known to work on a budget for days until it’s perfect. Friends and family often call asking for advice or help in finding a “Ray Deal”. His love for sharing a great cruise deal has prompted him to share his favourite fare finds under the moniker “Ramon de la Cruise”.
Ray is a member of Toronto Travel Massive.

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Other Contributors

(Alphabetical Order)

Jennifer Carl caught her wanderlust as a child from her grandparents, who were world travellers well into their retirement. She remembered getting postcards from them from far off places and couldn’t wait to head out on her own adventures, although she ended up being more a road trip gal herself. Now her family enjoys packing up their RV and exploring campgrounds and destinations in the eastern US and this summer she will be taking her nine-year-old on an epic cross-country train trip. When not travelling or being a lacrosse mom, her day job is helping online entrepreneurs rock their businesses with digital marketing and virtual assistance services. Jen’s home base is in the Lehigh Valley, PA outside of her favourite city, Philadelphia.

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Jacqui Gibson is a Kiwi freelance travel writer and blog director for US-based FWT Magazine, the flagship digital publication of the International Food, Wine and Travel Writers’ Association. She started out as a newspaper journalist before setting up as a freelancer in New Zealand’s capital city of Wellington. Today she is a guest blogger for Flight Network Canada, Flight Centre New Zealand and Epicure & Culture and has written travel features for Food, Wine and Travel (FWT), NZ Bride & Groom, Let’s Travel and Heritage New Zealand magazines.
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Kim Humphreys, Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based travel writer/adventure seeker (Adventure Girl) who enjoys variety in her vacations. She seeks out adrenaline-filled adventures such as skydiving, mud sliding, jeep adventures, swimming with stingrays, river tubing and zip-lining. On the other hand, she also enjoys the contrast of a calm, family-oriented vacation by the ocean. She sees vacations and travelling as a chance for a new opportunity and making memories that she and her family will never forget.
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Lea Kuliczkowski is a graduate of the RTA School of Media at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario Canada and is pursuing a career in television and video production. Her hobbies include figure skating and travelling. Lea believes her curiosity about new cultures comes from her mixed background of Chinese, Italian, and Polish. She loves new adventures whether it’s living on a different continent or checking out the local eats in her hometown of Toronto. Travel has led Lea to many beautiful countries and is always dreaming of her next destination. Most importantly, she is very excited to share her anecdotes and journeys right here on Calculated Traveller!
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Jamie Kwan is a Toronto-based designer, with backgrounds in both architecture and digital media. He is a serial doodler, excessive post-it note user, and loves to write, photograph and sketch about culture and cities. While not a thrill-seeker, he will go out of his way to find the most hidden architectural gems in any place he visits. He has a true love for museums, having spent much of his early days working with children and wrangling dinosaurs at the Royal Ontario Museum. You can find more of his love for design at jamiekwan.com. Since 2013, he has been on the most epic of journeys to find the best grilled cheese sandwich ever.
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Cherri Megasko has always been a little unpredictable, walking that fine line between conformance and rebellion. But it wasn’t until she started travelling in earnest that she found her true zen. She surrendered her corporate badge, renewed her passport and braced herself for a whole new life of excitement and adventure. Snorkelling locales and the developing world are her favourite destinations, but she’ll gladly go wherever the opportunities are most curious. You can follow Cher’s adventures at Bucket List Travel Club.
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Michael Soncina is a sustainable tourism enthusiast from Toronto, Canada. He has lived in Singapore and spent time WWOOFing and working with youth groups as a volunteer throughout Japan. His love for adventure has taken him to Central Asia where through a series of good and horrible experiences fell in love with the region. Michael has become a self-made ambassador for eco and sustainable travel. When he is not travelling, he is leading groups of travellers around the world as a freelance Tour Director.
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Heather Stuart is a freelance writer and editor (HH Communications Services) living in Waterdown, ON. When not writing, she can be found running, cycling, travelling, and enjoying the outdoors with her husband, dog, and son.
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Martin Wigginton, Travel Photography Expert (Tech Guru) has seen as many movies on airplanes as he has in theatres. While not particularly a morning person he has been known to get up before the sun to get the right shot at the right time and has apps on his iPad and phone to help him choose when and where to bring his many cameras. When the shot is taken, he is inclined to share it immediately on the web. He loves the idea of people all over the world being able to see what HE sees at virtually the same time.
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