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STM Prime Backpack for day, play and away

Backpacks and purses are very personal items and finding one that is perfect for all my needs is a constant struggle. Do you feel the same way when it comes to shopping for a backpack? I’m a huge fan of STM Goods and commend them for all the thought and care that they put into their products. I’ve been using their Impulse backpack for a while now, and since STM Goods is always coming up with new designs, they very generously sent me their new STM Prime Backpack for 13″ Laptop & Tablet to try out. Read our other...

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Lewis N. Clark WEA RFID-Blocking Mini Cross-Body Bag

Hands up girls if you love purses! If you are a girl who likes to travel like I do, then you love bags and purses made with travel in mind, but you have a heck of a time finding that one perfect bag. In the continuing search for the perfect bag for travel, I test and review the new Lewis N. Clark WEA RFID-Blocking Mini Cross-Body Bag. WEA RFID-Blocking Mini Cross-Body Bag — Travel Worthy? For years I was a fancy leather purse girl, but once I noticed a huge dent forming in my shoulder caused by the weight...

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Cruise Ship Specialty Dining – Caribbean Princess Crown Grill

Dining on a cruise ship is always something to look forward to especially when you are sailing on a cruise line such as Princess Cruises known for its excellent cuisine and service. There are lots of dining options with multiple food venues available all included in your cruise fare. There’s the Café Caribe, Horizon Court Buffet, the International Café in the Atrium, the Palm, Coral and Island dining rooms, Prego Pizzeria, and the Trident Grill. If that weren’t enough, there is old reliable 24-hour Room Service. Read our dining review: 5 Days 5 Dinners — Caribbean Princess Dining Review...

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Ramblers Way – Cosy Cool Good-Natured Fashion

When you are travelling, you want clothing that is comfortable, looks great, and is easy care wash and wear. For me, merino wool fits that bill on all fronts and I was pleased to discover Ramblers Way, a sustainable clothing company that uses American-made and ethically sourced merino wool. Ramblers Way has a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. “We believe in creating a sustainable world that can enrich the lives of generations to come,” said Tom Chappell, founder and president of Ramblers Way. “The clothing industry is the second largest polluter on Earth, so we see an opportunity to...

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An All Inclusive Gourmet Experience at Villa Premier Boutique Hotel

Admit it. All inclusive resort dining packages aren’t always the best, are they? Every single person I know who has taken an island resort getaway has experienced highs and lows when it comes to all inclusive dining packages. You know — limited dining hours, uninspired dishes, limited selections on the menu, and bland, tasteless food. I have friends who admit to bringing different spices when they travel because they have often found the food at some resorts too bland for their palate. Exquisite All Inclusive Gourmet Dining I recently stayed at the Villa Premiere Boutique Hotel in Puerto Vallarta...

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Discovering the Taco – Vallarta Food Tours

In Puerto Vallarta Mexico one can’t live on sun, sand, sea and Mojito alone. Eventually, you are going to have to eat something. For a first time visitor to Mexico who loves great food, finding good Puerto Vallarta eats is easier said than done. Being Canadian, I don’t have a lot of experience with Mexican cuisine. Truly authentic Mexican restaurants are few and far between, and all that we have are Tex-Mex chain restaurants, fast food joints in the mall, and boxed taco kits from aisle 4 of the supermarket. Given the opportunity to explore the streets of an...

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16 Awesome Airport and Airplane Travel Tips

If you are planning a trip somewhere soon the chances are high that a visit to an airport is in your future. With more than 43,000 airports in the world and 100,000+ flights happening every day there is zero room for error for YOU the passenger. With that in mind, we thought that we’d share our airport and airplane travel tips and tricks with you whether you have a short flight or a long flight or are flying for the first time. Travelling Tips and Tricks at the Airport 1. Boost your immune system – With all those people...

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STM Velocity Cable Wrap – Review

With a name like Calculated Traveller, you’ve got to know that I’m crazy compulsive about planning and organising to get results. I like need order in my life! Also, as a graphic designer and travel blogger, I carry around a lot of technology on my daily journeys as well as on a trip. When I say a lot – I mean A LOT. There’s my laptop, an external hard-drive, e-reader, mp3 player, DSLR camera, card reader, cell phone, GPS and of course all the chargers, cables, memory cards that go along with all the technology. Whew… Technology – How...

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Cruise the Caribbean: The Best Way to See the Islands

I love cruises. All the food I can eat, activities for days, and free shows to watch, what’s not to love? I’ve taken about 30 cruises in my life, and most of them have been to the Caribbean. Here’s why I think that cruising the ocean is the best way to visit these paradise islands… Check out: What I Love about Cruises 5 Days 5 Dinners — Caribbean Princess Dining Review Money The Caribbean Islands are a hot spot for tourists, and as such it seems every major cruise line has ships that go there. With so much competition,...

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Canadian Points University #PointsUYYZ Travel Hacking Conference

Travel hacking, frequent flier points, hotel rewards, loyalty rewards — they go by many different names, but they all mean the same thing — Free Travel. Travel Hack Definition – Noun A way of travelling by attaining flights, hotels, and other amenities at little or no cost by using rewards, shortcuts, tricks, travel points, or a gimmick to avoid the cost. A productivity trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method to increase productivity and make travelling easier, lighter, or more efficient by solving everyday travelling problems in clever or non-obvious ways. I admit that this is a form of travel...

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