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A One Day Itinerary for Curacao Calculated Traveller Cabana Beach

Curacao Beaches Sun, Surf and Sand

by Mary Chong
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Curacao beaches — the sun, surf, sand and the palm trees swaying in the ocean breeze – it’s the ultimate in relaxation. No trip to this Southern Caribbean island is complete without a trip to the beach!

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Curacao has 17 beaches on the island and when I was there recently I had the chance to visit 2 of the most gorgeous beaches that you’ll ever see – Cabana Beach and Papagayo Beach Resort. Both part of the same beach system on the east side of the island but with slightly different atmospheres.

(edited to add: There are actually a total of 35 beaches not 17. Not all the beaches are developed, in the sense that you have to pay entrance, some of them are secluded, or small, or they are beaches that you have to park your car at a distance or walk to via stairs or even reach by boat – Thanks Charla for the correction!)

To get to the beach you can take a taxi, but you can also travel via public bus (my preference). The bus terminal is outside the post office in Punda (downtown Willemstad). Take the “Punda/Caracas Baai Bus #6″(Cost is 1.50 Nafl) headed East and ask the driver to let you off at your destination. There are designated well-marked bus stops and signs for your return trip back downtown.

You can’t get lost taking the public bus as there are only two routes Otrobanda (West) and Punda (East).

Curacao Beaches

Cabana Beach

Beautiful soft sand under foot, the ocean and shade and I’m totally there.

Wait a minute — SHADE? Yup! You read that correctly. People tease me because I visit the Caribbean often, but I don’t like the sun – the heat I like but not the rash that the sun regularly gives me. I’ve been called the “English Patient” so many times due to all the clothes and the large brimmed hat that I always wear!

Technically Cabana Beach, as well as Mambo Beach which is right next door, is actually ON Seaquarium Beach. But who cares what they call it, it’s all the same sand and ocean.

The prices are very reasonable, and there are a lot of choices for loungers with and without shade:
– Classic Bed (which is your standard reclining lounge chair)
– Luxe Bed (single mattress)
– Lounge Bed (double mattress)
– Club Cabana (sitting area plus mattress for 2)

Incidentally, there are multiple signs on the beach stating that there is free Wi-Fi. Hmm, this would be the perfect place for a working holiday! I’m not sure how much work I’d get completed, though.

There is also a store, food/restaurants, a bar, and facilities.

At night there is live entertainment and dancing with a different theme happening each day of the week except Thursdays.

The entire atmosphere here is very cosy, carefree and relaxed. A perfect spot to kick back and chill out with a cold beverage.

Directly next to Cabana Beach is the Kontiki Beach Resort with their wooden exterior and thatched roofs — the perfect base station for fast, easy access to total relaxation.

Curacao Beaches

Papagayo Beach Club

Found further east is the Papagayo Beach Resort which is part of Jan Theil Baai and a new upscale resort and residential area of Curacao.

You can tell the difference between Papagayo and Cabana because where Cabana was cosy and carefree Papagayo screams glitz, glamour and luxuriousness. A place where people go to see and to be seen.

There are multiple bars and restaurants with different themes and styles. One that struck me as breathtaking was the area with all white furniture with pops of brilliant colour, lush greenery and bling.

I see myself coming here dressed up for a nice dinner or drinks or for a party. Special of the day sounded delicious – surf and turf of lobster and steak.

I wouldn’t come here to lounge beforehand, though. I would just hate to be all sticky and sandy, etc. and then sit down to linen napkins and an excellent meal. But that’s just me because during my visit there were a lot of people lounging and quite a few families with children.

Curacao Beaches

There are so many other beaches you can visit while you are on the island depending on what your interests are.

One of the best snorkeling and diving beaches is Caracasbaai. Locals flock here for the calm waters and the impressive underwater park they can explore.

You can also try one of these popular beaches as well:

Kenepa Beach

This public beach is found at the less developed western side of Curacao and is perfect for a relaxing beach day. The beaches aren’t as crowded as some of the other popular tourists’ spots and you can rent loungers and use the restrooms for a fee. The waters are calm, beautiful blue and the beach is actually sheltered between cliffs on either side making it the perfect spot for couples or family beach trip.

Playa Porto Marie

This beach is more bustling than some, but it has a great vibe. There is a bar and grill and amenities like umbrella, loungers, showers and a scuba shop. Lounge on the beautiful sand beach and watch the clear, calm waters and relax (even if you are only there for a short time). This spot is great for families.

Kleine Knip

A popular spot for Dutch tourists, this beach is a bit of a drive, but if you are a snorkeler, this is a great spot. There are lounge chair rentals and picnic tables for you to have a picnic lunch. Less crowded than some of the other beaches, you will feel like you are a world away from the bustling cruise ship port.  

Choosing the perfect beach to plant your umbrella can be a challenging decision, but rest assured, any one you choose will be beautiful. The thirty-five beaches on the island provide plenty of choices on your next trip.

Hmm…with 17 beaches that would mean I would need at least 17 days to experience them properly…good thing they have Wi-Fi!

A Guide to Curacao Beaches Sun, Surf and Sand by Calculated Traveller | #Curacao #Caribbean #travel #beach

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My tour of Curacao Beaches was generously provided by Curacao Tourist Board. My opinions are my own.

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Sharon M September 23, 2014 - 6:52 pm

Great information, I love beaches and Curacao is one of those destinations that is on the top of my list. Question – are there shells on the beach? I’m a shell collector and love going to beaches where I can walk and collect!

Mary Chong September 24, 2014 - 2:16 pm

Most definitely! > There are so many beaches to choose from that you will love all the seashell hunting possibilities!

Pam September 19, 2013 - 4:43 pm

Cruising in December and this one of our stops. Is the bus station very far from the cruise termianl?

Mary Chong September 19, 2013 - 4:47 pm

Hi Pam… Good for you – we may be there in Dec on a cruise as well. If your ship is docked at the Mega Terminal – cross over the floating bridge and turn left. Walk towards the floating market – turn right (you can’t go any further anyway) and its just past the large circular building (the market) Have fun!

Jenna June 8, 2013 - 7:17 pm

Love Curacao! Those beaches look amazing–I will have to mark them down for our next visit. And, wifi? That’s interesting! Wouldn’t be a bad place to get some work done ;) We were mostly on the western end of the island, but I love everywhere we stopped!

Teresa May 15, 2013 - 7:54 pm

Excellent article with great photos and information! I have not been to Curacao YET, but it is definitely on my list. Because of my deep love for beaches, it has moved up the list a bit after reading this :-) Thanks!

Mary Chong May 15, 2013 - 8:58 pm

Thanks for your comment Teresa! If beaches are your thing then You HAVE to go to Curacao…it’s a great cruise port as well and its really easy to get around…

Darlene April 23, 2013 - 7:43 pm

We used to live in Curacao – 2001 to 2005 – it was the best exprience we every had.
We are heading back in June for a vacation/visit to our friends we have to leave behind when we moved back to Canada.
I miss the island greatly. I miss the water the most.
Thanks for the great job you are doing – promoting Curacao – not enough of our friends have experienced this.

Mary Chong April 23, 2013 - 8:59 pm

Thanks Darlene for your comment. I’m sure that there have been lots of changes since 2005…hope your return trip to Curacao gives you lots of new memories!

Heather H April 23, 2013 - 9:30 am

Mary, look what you’ve done! Curacao sounds like it will be my next vacation. 17 beaches?! Say no more.

Mary Chong April 23, 2013 - 10:03 am

There are actually 35 islands (Charla corrected me of my oversight) but the other ones aren’t as developed and easy to access as the 17 main ones… So, when are you booking your vacation?

Sheedia April 23, 2013 - 8:53 am

Hi Mary, enjoyed reading your post. Happy to read that you actually took the public transportation. Some visitors are still hesitant to do it nowadays. It can save you a lot of money, especially with taxis costing $25 upwards.

You definitely chose 2 nice beaches to lounge at. Definitely one of the Top ones when it comes to the Private Curacao Beaches. Tnx again for sharing.

Mary Chong April 23, 2013 - 9:00 am

Thanks Sheedia for your comment. I actually didn’t take the bus this trip (I was with Charla of the Curacao Tourist Board). BUT I normally do whenever I travel…that’s how you get to really experience what life is really like.


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