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Duct tape is strong, flexible, waterproof and super sticky. It should be in your emergency kit at home AND on your packing list for when you travel.

You never know when you need to:

  • repair a suitcase or bag
  • make something water tight (leaky boat anyone?)
  • prevent shattering glass during a storm
  • keep a door or drawer shut / open to name but a few uses.

On one cruise ship the closet doors would not stay shut at night and kept banging open. Every time the ship rolled the door opened! Out came the trusty duct tape and we were able to sleep soundly…

pink duck tape

But I’m packing light? I don’t want to lug a huge roll of duct tape “just in case”!

Hey – I hear you because I’m a carry-on only traveller!

What I do is I take a piece of thick cardboard or plastic (the cardboard backing from a small notepad works well), and I wrap the duct tape around it a bunch of times and make my own mini flat roll of tape. This method takes up almost no space or weight in your suitcase.

Another option is to wrap a few feet of duct tape around a pen/pencil.

Plus it comes in a myriad a colours – my personal favourite is pink duck tape. It also comes in different patterns and colours.

Another idea is this indestructible – on how to flatten a roll of duct tape. But to me, that’s way too much work, and I’d rather spend my time looking for travel deals!

Hey….you hope this doesn’t ever happen to you, but if it does the Calculated Traveller is always ready!


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