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Kodiak Brigden Shoe

Women’s Kodiak Brigden Shoe Review for the “Wannabe” Hiker

Author Sophia Ahola
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The Women’s Kodiak Brigden Shoe is described as “part sneaker, part hiker” – read our review & learn why it’s perfect for a “wannabe” hiker!

I Have a Secret

I recently got the chance to review the Women’s Kodiak Brigden Shoe, and I was beyond excited about the opportunity. However, before I review the shoe, I need to build some trust with you. So, just like how I am going to be completely honest in my review, I am going to be totally honest now and reveal something I usually keep locked tight. 

I have never gone hiking. Ever.

I know, I know! It’s practically criminal! What makes it more preposterous is the fact that I go to school in British Columbia, where there are hiking trails galore

Kodiac Brigden Shoe

But, part of the reason I have never gone hiking is I have never had the proper footwear! It’s true. Whenever anyone tries to invite me out, all I have to do is show them my shoe collection, full of random sneakers, heels, fluffy winter boots, and a miscellaneous flip-flop. So, they usually back down after reprimanding me to “get better walking shoes; your feet must be killing you!” (which they often are).

So, as you can imagine, it feels like I’ve been waiting for these shoes my whole life. 

The Kodiak Brand

Kodiak Brigden Shoe product photo
Photo courtesy of Kodiak

Before I get into the review, I think it’s important to talk about Kodiak. Formed in 1910, Kodiak is a Canadian company. Initially, their name was Greb Shoe Co. Ltd, focusing on mining, logging, and farming boots—where the infamous Kodiak boots began. Since then, they have achieved a lot; in 1957, they were the official combat boot of the Canadian military; in 1959, they purchased the Kodiak trademark, leading to their Kodiak-branded items; and in 2010, they were the boot of the Canadian Olympic team. 

Recently Kodiak celebrated its 110th anniversary in 2020 and is now leading its eco-friendly Built for What Matters initiative in 2022. The initiative is working towards minimizing its environmental footprint one shoe at a time. They use materials like waterproof lite leathers and textiles made from recycled plastic; their Comfortzone™ Eco footbed is made with a minimum of 70% plant-based biomass.

Kodiak Brigden Shoe Specs

Kodiak Brigden Shoe review

In the Kodiak women’s line, the Brigden Shoe is described as “part sneaker, part hiker” creating a blend of the two. Available in three colours, Charcoal, Pearled Ivory, and Sage (which I have), there is a colour sure to match your personal style. 

Made with a combination of materials, including a premium suede (ooh!) and textile low-cut Sniker (ahh!), they are also treated with a protector to repel water, oil, and other stains—perfect for me, as Vancouver rains a lot. Speaking of rain, there is a resistant rubber outsole that helps prevent slipping, so the shoes can adapt no matter the weather or where you are walking. 

Additionally, they’re a lightweight option compared to heavier hiking boots with a compression-molded EVA midsole that can absorb shock. Also, if you’re like me, the KODIAK® Comfortzone™ ECO footbed will be life-changing as you have underfoot support all day! 

Kodiak Brigden Shoe Product Photo

Finally, and what I believe to be one of the most important product details, is how eco-conscious these shoes are. As mentioned, Kodiak’s recent eco-friendly strides with their Built for What Matters initiative include a lot of new footwear. In the case of the Brigden Shoe, there is a 50% recycled plastic mesh upper along with a 100% recycled plastic lace. In my book, a shoe made with eco-considered materials is always a step in the right direction. 

The Kodiak Brigden Shoe Review

Kodiak Brigden Shoe side profile

First, I would love to comment on how nice these shoes look. My Brigden shoes are in the colour Sage, and as soon as I saw them, I knew I would be wearing them all the time. Part of the reason I don’t have more comfortable walking shoes is that I am very particular about how they look. I suppose you could say I often value style over my comfort—however, these shoes? I don’t need to pick one or the other! They are both super adorable and extremely comfortable.

I’ve been wearing these shoes for the past few weeks and could not believe how comfortable they are. When I first slipped them on, I was impressed but didn’t know if the comfort would last all day. The result after wearing them all day? Comfort. All. Day. Long.

So far, I’ve worn them all around, including the office for work and the cottage for a weekend. At the office, I often go up and down stairs and crunch cardboard boxes (which sometimes requires excessive jumping); I was comfortable all day and didn’t have to worry about hurting my feet on the cardboard as I felt so secure. At the cottage, we were outside all day playing games and running around; I could barely feel the rocks underfoot, and the only times I had to sit down were because I needed to take a break for some water—my feet were fine! 

Frequently when I wear sneakers, I find that they press uncomfortably around my toes, which can hurt after a couple of hours. With the Kodiak Brigden Shoe, I noticed that my feet felt very secure, but most importantly, my toes weren’t being squeezed uncomfortably. 

Additionally, this summer has been scorching, so I was initially worried my feet would feel too warm in the shoes. But I needn’t have worried—they were breathable, so I never had to worry about my feet overheating in the shoes.

BONUS TIDBIT: When I was wearing the shoes, I noticed I was just a little taller—something I always love. I doubt anyone else noticed, but I felt powerful.

So, What Do We Think?

Choosing the Kodiak Brigden Shoe is one of the best footwear decisions I have made in a long time—yes, even better than those heels I got a month ago, and they’re gorgeous. With these shoes, I no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style or vice versa. 

I cannot wait to continue wearing these shoes all around; whether at amusement parks, shopping, or running late to class on campus, I know I will be comfortable and cute. There’s even the possibility that I will start hiking now… no more excuses.

Women's Kodiak Brigden Shoe Review for the "Wannabee" Hiker

What do you think? Are you going to try the Kodiak Brigden shoe out? If so, what colour? Let me know!

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