I’m new to wearing organic cotton clothing and honestly; I don’t usually go in search of anything natural when shopping even though I really should. I know that its essential for the health of the planet and that I should be living sustainably for the future of our environment, but I’ve often found organic products, in general, to be more expensive. A lousy excuse, I know.

While on a trip to Denver Colorado I was introduced to the Pact Organic Clothing Company and was encouraged to try their product out, what I found was that shopping organically wasn’t as expensive as I initially thought it was!

About Pact Organic Clothing

Pact Organic Clothing’s mission is to provide high-quality, fair trade organic cotton clothing that is farmed responsibly with low impact to the environment and the farmers, unlike traditionally grown cotton. Their cotton is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which holds them to strict standards to ensure the highest quality organic cotton is in use in the manufacturing of their product.

Pact wants to put people first and drive the movement of how apparel is made by producing sweatshop-free, ethically crafted, with a low impact. Its name is a promise to the industry to change how clothing is manufactured.

Pact Organic Clothing is led by Brendan Synnot, CEO, the founder of the famous brand, Bear Naked Granola and he is bringing the same awareness to the clothing industry as he brought to the food industry.

Pact Organic Clothing Review

Women’s Charcoal Heather Stripe Slouchy Fit Sweatshirt

Pact Organic Cotton Clothing Review - Organic Sustainable Cotton Fashion for Travel - Slouchy Fit Sweatshirt
– Available on PACT
– 100% Organic Cotton
– Made in India
– Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low

I wanted something specifically casual and comfortable but with style and this charcoal and heather stripe design indeed is better than your ordinary sweatshirt.

Be warned that the style really is slouchy, so if that is not your style preference then you may wish to avoid this item. That being said, I did purposely put the sweatshirt in a hot dryer to shrink it slightly, and I prefer the way it fits now that it’s a bit smaller and more suited to my petite height.

I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that when I showed it to my husband Ray after it came out of the wash and dryer that when he touched it, he asked if it was cashmere. Yes, it is that super soft!

I’ve been wearing my new Slouchy Fit Sweatshirt in the house and around town, but I intend to wear this for long distance flying or road trips when I want something warm, loose and comfortable with a bit of style.

Women’s Clear Blue Heather V-Neck Tee

Pact Organic Cotton Clothing Review - Organic Sustainable Cotton Fashion for Travel - V-Neck T-Shirt
– Available on Amazon for Out of stock
– 100% Organic Cotton
– Made in India
– Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low

The thing that drew me to this V-Neck Tee was the blue colour. Not too bright a shade of blue, but not a dull shade of blue either, it’s pretty, and I think it would be suitable for all skin tones.

I had thought that the neckline was a bit low cut when I first tried it on but the more I wear it, the less I’m aware of the deep V of the neckline.

What I especially love about this little t-shirt is the softness of the fabric against my skin and the quality of the construction. It’s super comfortable and easy to wear. I also love that it isn’t too short – it has a nice length to it to cover your behind and so that you don’t have to worry about it riding up when you bend over and exposing your back.

Women’s Black Lightweight Wrap Cardigan

Pact Organic Cotton Clothing Review - Organic Sustainable Cotton Fashion for Travel - Lightweight Wrap Cardigan
– Available on the Pact Website
– 65% Organic Cotton, 35% Modal
– Made in India
– Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low

I think this is my new favourite wear anywhere cardigan.

It’s super soft like the other Pact Clothing items, but the Modal in the fabric gives the cardigan some stretch and a bit of a “finish” for lack of a better word making it suitable for when you are playing dress-up. Modal fabric is also said to be resistant to shrinkage and to hold dye more efficiently, which is an excellent thing when you are dealing with any piece of cotton clothing that is the colour black.

The sleeves are meant to fit snug and sleek, and the back of the cardigan hangs down long enough to provide coverage.

Women’s Black Cropped Leggings

Pact Organic Cotton Clothing Review - Organic Sustainable Cotton Fashion for Travel - Cropped Leggings
– Available on Amazon for $30.00
– 92% Organic Cotton 8% Elastane
– Made in India
– Machine Wash Cold, Tumble Dry Low

Opening the package, I thought, “hmm, these leggings look extremely small”. But in reality, the fit is perfect. These leggings are very comfortable, cosy and great for travel because they are light, pack small, and are wearable in multiple situations.

One thing I do like is that the waistband on the leggings is quite thick (about 2 inches) and great for holding your belly in after you eat too many doughnuts . Let’s be honest here – I’m one of those girls that wear yoga clothes for comfort versus ACTUALLY going to the yoga studio.

The fabric of the leggings does have a lot of stretch to it, and a slight sheen to the finish makes the leggings very wearable for more than just the gym. You could wear the leggings under a long top, or under a short fashion-forward dress for a dressier occasion.

My favourite new outfit right now is to pair the cropped leggings with the lightweight wrap cardigan and the v-neck t-shirt — they make the perfect combination when worn together.

What I love about my new Pact Clothing pieces

  • No toxic dyes
  • No toxic pesticides
  • No sweatshops
  • No child labour
  • Certified organic
  • Ethically produced

Pact Organic Cotton Clothing Review - Organic Sustainable Cotton Fashion for Travel | #travel #clothes #casual #fashion #style #review

Where to buy Pact Organic Cotton Clothing

Pact clothing is available online on their website, but you can also find a limited selection at Amazon.com and select Target and Whole Foods stores. Be sure to check if your local store carries the clothing line.

Other Pact products include socks, boxers, briefs, pyjamas, robes, dresses, bras and leggings for the entire family.

Shipping from Pact Clothing

Regarding shipping, everything except for the leggings came in a plastic cello sealed bags, and the leggings were in a cardboard box.

Returns are easy according to the wearpact.com website. – Free exchange or refund within 60 days of purchase if you select the wrong size on the first pair of underwear, bras, leggings, or tights. – Other clothing is returnable within 60 days as long as it’s in original condition.

Pact Organic Cotton Clothing is very wearable, comfortable, fashionable, and affordable while at the same time is produced ethically in an environmentally sustainable manner.

I was provided product for testing and review. All opinions are entirely my own.

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