March Break is that time of year when Canadian families head south to escape the cold. It’s a welcome break between the Christmas and summer holidays, but are you ready for it?

Here are a few tips to help you prepare for March Break

Make a list: Life gets overwhelming pretty quickly if you keep all those millions of “things to do” in your head! I’m a firm believer of THE LIST. I used to keep lists on various notepads designated for work / home / groceries / packing etc. Problem was that my notepads never seemed to be where I needed them and I would start putting home tasks on my work notepad. Now, I use a bullet journal system and keep all my lists in 1 journal book. Easy peasy and everything is all in one place.

Passport / ID: You can’t travel anywhere these days without a passport. Make sure it is still valid. Be aware that many countries require that your passport be valid for a specified length of time prior to the date of entry.

Technology / Cell Phone: Staying connected when we are at home is one of those things we take for granted. Wi-Fi can be slow and unsecure and roaming charges can add up quickly if you don’t have a plan.

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Medication / Vaccinations: Don’t take chances when it comes to your health and make sure that you have all your vaccinations up-to-date. You may also wish to visit a Doctor specializing in Travel Medicine depending on where you plan on travelling. In terms of Medication, always bring more than you need in case of delays or emergencies.

Money / Foreign Cash: You are going to need spending money if you plan on leaving the country.

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