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Fish Fry Bahamas – a Unique Caribbean Culinary Experience

Fish Fry Bahamas – a Unique Caribbean Culinary Experience

Author Mary Chong
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Travel and cuisine go hand in hand, or more accurately, hand to mouth when visiting the Bahamas as you kiss your diet goodbye and say hello to exquisite local Caribbean foods. 

Every Bahamian island has a fish fry – a gathering place of shacks and stalls where vendors sell their local specialties. But, the most prominent Fish Fry is in Nassau, Bahamas on Arawak Cay, where you’ll find a row of charmingly hand-painted Fish Fry restaurants that stretch the beachside coast. What started as a small local attraction leased by a small handful of farmers quickly grew to 30-plus barbeque stalls dotted along the beach.

Fish Fry Drive Bahamas – a Unique Caribbean Culinary Experience
Photo courtesy of Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, Investments & Aviation

A Fish Fry serves as a place for Bahamians to join together to share their unique flavours from their home with family, friends, and visitors. 

To follow are some attractions that you have to experience before leaving the Bahamas:

An Extravagant Junkanoo Parade in the Bahamas

The Junkanoo Parade happens every Saturday night in July and on Boxing Day, Independence Day, and New Year’s Eve. A spectacle of sights, sounds, and tastes, you are sure to enjoy the Royal Bahamian Police Force Band as they put on a performance that celebrates the culture and history of the island. 

Incidentally, there is a Junkanoo Beach in Nassau; read about it here:

A Day at the Beach in Nassau Bahamas

A Day at the Beach in Nassau Bahamas - Junkanoo Beach
Junkanoo Beach artist

The Beachside Barbeques of the Bahamas

In the evenings, make your way toward the east side of Arawak Cay. Follow your nose as the air is filled with the scent of sizzling grilled chicken and corn on the cob. On the beach, you will find vendors selling out of shacks partially built from things that have washed up on shore. As you enjoy the sunset on the beach, indulge in local mixed drinks, cigars and good eats. 


The Fish, of Course!

Fish Fry Bahamas – a Unique Caribbean Culinary Experience
Photo courtesy of FishFryNassau.com

If you want to enjoy fish fried every which way, make your way toward the west side of Arawak Cay. You will find many two-storey, sit-down-style restaurants that overlook the beachside. The menus at these restaurants typically contain multiple seafood offerings, with shrimp, conch, and lobster being particular favourites regardless of the season. We’d also recommend just asking for the day’s catch and enjoying the bounty of the teeming blue waters, spiced and fried to perfection! The biggest restaurant on this Fish Fry would be the Twin Brothers, but if you ask the locals, they will point you in the direction of Drifters or Oh Andros. 

Fish Fry Bahamas Beach – a Unique Caribbean Culinary Experience

A Fish Fry is more than a place or tradition – it’s a culinary institution that feeds your mind, body and soul. Get yourself to the Bahamas in the Caribbean to experience one today!

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