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Healthy Legs while Travelling with Rejuvahealth Compression Stockings

Author Mary Chong
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Tired achy swollen legs?

Long flights on a plane?

Sitting 22-hours on a road trip?

Compression stockings or socks may be your answer – they were for me.

Been there, done that, have the spider veins to prove it.

Here’s a traveller’s confession – I have spider veins. But even if your legs are gorgeous and you don’t have any vein issues, DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) or blood clots as a result of long flights or sitting too long is a real danger that you should be aware of.

Sure, we all know that to keep your legs healthy while on a plane or road-trip you have to get up out of your seat every couple of hours, stretch your legs and get the blood flowing. But, sometimes this isn’t practical or you just plain forget and lose track of time. Compression stockings and socks may help and because they are sooo tight, they just may serve as that reminder to do it!

Boring, Ugly, Clinical No More

I’ve found it helpful to wear compression stockings and socks and have found them to be… well, quite frankly – ugly. Reminiscent of my grandmother’s stockings; thick, beige, hospital white, opaque or plain black those are your choices…until now.

Fun, Creative Colours for Men and Women

Super excited to discover RejuvaHealth. They have lots of patterns and colours to choose from and they are priced at about the same price or sometimes less than the boring clinical ones. They also offer athletic socks.

For review purposes, RejuvaHealth sent me a pair of their Sheer Black Dot Pantyhose.

What I like:

  • Pretty polka dot tone-on-tone pattern looks great for office and dressy situations
  • High, smooth, non-pinching waistband
  • They aren’t too sheer to the point where they will run really quickly like other manufacturers I’ve worn
  • They have a reinforced foot area (this is where you could potentially get runs
  • I’ve worn and washed them a few times and they still look brand new

I don’t really have a negative to be truthful; these are far superior to my other compression stockings in design and function. To an outsider, you can’t tell that you are wearing a compression product at all. (It will be our secret).

Another great item they carry are black leggings and since I loved the stockings so much I bought 2 pairs. I figure I can wear them with boots and a long sweater in cold climates and with sandals and a longer shirt in warmer climates. Just be aware that you really do need to wear something longer on top to make sure you have enough “coverage” on the bottom because of the seams in the crotch/rear area. I really love these leggings, but don’t just take my word for it, Jennifer of Luxe Adventure Traveler includes these tights in her 5 travel essentials that she can’t travel without.

compression stockings

Tips for your Compression Stockings

  • All compression stockings and socks are a struggle to put on. It takes practice, patience and some wiggling.
  • You can get stocking gloves to help put your stockings on. They give your hands some grip and prevent tears/rips from your nails. RejuvaHealth sells them and it is worth it as it really does make it easier.
  • Check the measurement chart or use the online chat on the website to make sure you buy the correct size.

RejuvaHealth Compression Products are sold from their online store. Shipping was fast (free if you spend a minimum amount) and customer service was excellent. They sell their products in combo packages, multiples and they also have some clearance items.

Thank you to RejuvaHealth for providing me with their Sheer Black Dot Pantyhose for this review. This had no bearing on my review of this item. As always, my opinion is entirely my own.

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