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Bleach Wipes – Always Keep Some in Your Travel Bag

Author Mary Chong
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I always travel with a pack of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Fresh Scent, To Go Pack!, 9 Ct.

I know you are thinking that I’m a germaphobe and paranoid but I once spent 5 days INSIDE a cruise ship cabin in the Caribbean because of some bug that I picked up on my flight down to the ship. This is well before anyone knew about Norwalk and SARS and before my “Bleach Wipe Strategy”.

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Now, I’m not saying that the nice people who clean for a living don’t do their job.  I’m sure they do! It may be just for my personal piece of mind – but my mind is small and I don’t want to waste any of it on stress and/or sickness!

Bleach Wipes on the Plane

Inside airplane

(This also applies to train, bus, rental car etc).

  • The first thing when I get on board is I wipe down anything with a bleach wipe that I will potentially touch during the flight – the armrests, seat belt, tray table and headrest. Think about it… you are going to be there a long time sleeping, eating, drinking – living.
  • Another thing, don’t put anything into that seat back pocket below the tray table that you will be taking BACK with you. Seriously, think about this – people put their used “whatever” in there including dirty diapers! And I’m sorry SkyMall – I love your stuff, but I’m not reading that catalogue that lives in there.

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Bleach Wipes In your Hotel Room

(I do this each day I’m in the hotel)

  • Again, wipe down everything with a bleach wipe that you may touch including the TV, remote control, clock radio, telephone, light switches.
  • If the hotel is nice enough to have a glass in the bathroom (versus plastic cups wrapped in plastic).  I wipe the glasses out with the bleach wipe and give it a thorough rinse. Have you seen this video on youtube?? Disgusting!
  • If by chance you desperately need to take a bath versus a shower. A good soak is sometimes required especially after a horseback ride, camel ride, or strenuous hike. Clean the tub with a few bleach wipes and give it a good rinse before you fill the tub with a handful of Epsom salts and jump right in.
Clorox To Go Wipes

Bleach Wipes On the Road in Questionable Restrooms

  • If you do pick up some sort of gastrointestinal bug and you end up in some sketchy gas station bathroom with no toilet seat protectors. You’ll be thanking your lucky stars that you have a pack of bleach wipes in your bag.

I should mention in case it isn’t obvious but don’t use the same wipe for all the surfaces, because you may just be spreading the germs around.

I’m sure you get my point from the examples above and I’m sure there are a lot more reasons to carry bleach wipes in your bag.

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