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Travelling with Essential Oils.

Travelling with Essential Oils

Author Mary Chong
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Essential Oils are very popular at the moment as alternative treatments for various conditions. If you are an advocate of Alternative Medicine and a fan of aromatherapy with essential oils, you’ll be happy to hear that travelling with them is easier than you think! There’s no reason to adjust your daily routine, just because you’re on an adventure. Keep reading, to learn more about the best oils to take with you on your trip and how to safely travel with them. Also, I’ve included a few product suggestions to make the whole process easier.

Flying with Essential Oils – 3-1-1 Liquids Rule for Airlines

3pcs TSA Approved Toiletry Bag with Zipper
3pcs TSA Approved Toiletry Bag with Zipper
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If you’ve ever wondered “Can you bring essential oils on a plane?” I’m here to tell you that yes you can travel with your essential oils on airplanes as long as you follow the rules.

TSA rules on essential oils is the same as travelling with liquids and the days of boarding an airplane with large bottles of liquid toiletries are a thing of the past. Current US-based airline regulations allow each passenger to bring one clear (zippered) bag on board in their carry-on. This 3-1-1 compliant liquid bag cannot be larger than one quart bag in size and each container placed inside the bag must be 3.4 ounces/100 millilitres or less.

Bags such as makeup bags with magnetic clasps and regular Ziploc bags are not allowed for this purpose. The good news is that airline-compliant zippered bags are readily available online and quite affordable too.

Since a majority of popular essential oil manufacturers bottle their product in either 5 or 15-milliliter containers, there’s no reason to panic. As you can see, both of these sizes are below the individual bottle requirement.

If you find it necessary to transfer the oils into different bottles, in cases where you are mixing custom blends, it’s important to label each of the items accurately. This helps to reduce the possibility of being questioned by airport personnel, as your luggage makes its way through the security checkpoint screening process. Not to worry, the x-ray machine won’t harm your special oils!

If you are questioned by airport personnel. Simply explain that you use your oils for health-related purposes. That’s usually all of the explanation necessary.

If you are planning on carrying oil in checked baggage, rest assured that you can pack as many essential oils as you like. Just ensure that you’ve packed everything carefully in leak-proof bags with bubble wrap for protection.

My girlfriend Lancia uses an ordinary padded make-up bag with no organization I see her rummaging around in her little bag of “tricks” looking for the right essential oil for her needs. There are so many essential oil carrying cases on the market in a variety of sizes that I think I may pick up a proper case for her.

Here’s an interesting looking essential oil travel case that might suit your needs.

The information on this site is provided as an information resource only and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. Please consult your healthcare provider before making any healthcare decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.

Create your own essential oils travel kit

Which essential oils should you pack for your trip? There are so many to choose from and recipes galore with combinations for everything from jet lag to the dreaded ear-popping when flying. If you’ve been using oils for a while, you already know which ones work best for you.

In the event that using essential oils is new to you, or you’re just having a hard time deciding which ones to take travelling with you, here are a few to consider.

Lavender Oil
Lavender essential oil is probably one of the most versatile essential oils you’ll find on the market today. Seriously! Not only does it smell heavenly, which helps your body relax and get rid of stress, but it’s also fantastic for keeping insects at bay and aiding digestion.

TIP: Lavender is a great essential oil for travel anxiety.

Tea Tree Oil
Tea tree oil is another excellent choice to take with you on your travels. It’s inexpensive and beneficial in so many ways. One of the most notable benefits of this particular oil is the fact that it kills germs and fights infections hence its use in hair care and skin care.

To quickly treat and disinfect an unexpected cut or scrape, try this. Add one drop of tea tree oil to one teaspoon of coconut oil. Apply sparingly to the injured area and cover with a Band-Aid. Repeat once a day until the wound is completely healed.

TIP: It’s important to remember not to ingest tea tree oil under any circumstances. It can be toxic if swallowed.

Peppermint Oil
Do you have a problem with motion sickness when you travel? If so, don’t leave home without peppermint oil. Blend a drop or two in a bit of coconut oil. Lightly massage it into your stomach. It typically doesn’t take long to notice a difference and it even helps with occasional gas-related issues.

Combat bad breath with a glass of peppermint oil-infused water. A couple of drops of food-grade oil is all it takes. Swish the peppermint oil-infused water around in your mouth, spit and rinse. Easy-peasy!

A few additional Essential Oil Blends

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  • For a good night’s sleep – apply lavender and cedarwood to your feet
  • For an energy boost – inhale orange and peppermint
  • To ease congestion – apply peppermint or eucalyptus to your chest
  • To ease aches – apply peppermint to the sore muscle
  • For a relaxing bath – soak in Epsom salts and geranium or ylang-ylang oil
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Essential Oil Accessories for Travel

If you have room to pack the following essential oil accessories, I wholeheartedly recommend it! They’ll help you get the most out of using your oils, while you travel.

Essential Oils Gifts Set
Want to buy your essential oils in bulk? This set contains all three oils mentioned above plus eucalyptus oil, orange oil and lemongrass oil. Each ten-millilitre-size bottle is airline compliant.

Can you bring a diffuser on a plane?

It really is dependent on the airline but, yes you can bring a difuser on a plane and this mini USB (or battery-operated) TSA essential oil diffuser is perfect for aromatherapy-on-the-go. Heat and water are not required for you to enjoy the benefits of your favourite oils. Perfect for using essential oils in your hotel room and quiet enough not to disturb your travel mate.

I think this travel diffuser would also work well if you wanted to bring essential oils for cruise travel, but of course, only use it when you are in your cabin.

If you are really worried, though, you can always look at an Essential Oil Aromatherapy Nasal Inhaler.

Packing your favourite oils helps to keep you feeling great wherever your journey may take you. And remember, if you’re not currently reaping all of the benefits of essential oils, there’s no better time than now to get started!

Do you travel with Essential Oils? What are your favourite essential oils for travel?

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