When we travel we tend to go places, but stay in the same time.

Music can take us to other times while we stay in one place.

This is the experience when you listen to Caro Emerald’s album Deleted Scenes on the Cutting Room Floor. Emerald is a native of The Netherlands, and her first hit was A Night Like This, which is an energetic fun song that will have you back in the 1920’s standing in a smokey gin joint while she works the room.

And work the room she does. Her material covers the style of the 1920’s, Las Vegas lounges and James Bond films of the 1960’s, and even modern-day clubs. For the travellers in all of us there’s Stuck, a song about getting away and seeing parts of the world reserved for those with bigger numbers in their bank accounts, and Riviera Life, simply about getting away. They will both have you walking a bit faster, and definitely would be good for those vacation workouts that you promise you’ll do when you’re away.

caro emerald
The album is categorized as Jazz, but with the varied styles it could also be categorized as Pop, but then again Pop has elements of everything that has gone before it. Back It Up would not be out-of-place on any top 40 Pop radio station, and is likely a regular addition in any club DJ’s arsenal. What makes the album special is the variety, and the performances of Emerald on each cut. She has a great range and very smooth delivery.

I found myself listening, travelling from time to time and place to place, imagining Emerald moving from table to table as we’ve seen in so many movies, antagonizing some poor soul at a table in the front row. I really enjoyed the show, and was glad that my fedora was still on my head, and not pulled down over my eyes like the guy blushing at table 2.

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