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Sunrise to Sunset. Cabot Trail Cape Breton Photo Essay

The Cabot Trail is one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations, and it isn’t hard to understand why. The following photos were taken on a recent trip clockwise around the trail. From the starting point near Baddeck we circled the trail over the course of a day July 2013. You might find yourself wanting to follow the same path this summer once you get a sense of the beauty that lies along the way. On to The World Famous Cabot Trail we go   Something to consider if you are planning to visit Cape Breton (and I’m sure...

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Momondo App – Flight Search Engine Review

There was a time, not long ago, that searching for flights was a lengthy process that required either a travel agent or visiting multiple websites. Then along came sites like Expedia, which consolidated information and provided us with multiple options of airline and connections in one spot. We would simply go to their site, put in our flight requirements and it would provide the rest. Simple. But what if you could go one further? What if you could sort the searches by cheapest, time of departure, or time of return? Want to compare by Airline? How about by the...

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The Board Room Game Cafe, Halifax, Nova Scotia

When we travel we have gadgets with us 24/7. From phones to cameras to tablets to music and even DVD players (well, okay, maybe not DVD players anymore now that we have tablets that play movies). Wouldn’t it be nice if we could reconnect with a few people over something as simple as a board game? If you’re in Halifax you can do just that. Reconnect at the Board Room Game Cafe Every year thousands of people visit the east coast of Canada to take in the beauty that is Nova Scotia. While there, they have the opportunity to...

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Snow and Sand – Opposites Except When it Comes to Photography

Calculated Traveller has been a participant in quite a few winter activities in Ontario as of late. You can check the articles here This brought to mind a couple of situations that make photography a bit more challenging – snow and sand scenes. To understand these similar situations we need to first consider what the camera sees. In both cases, if it’s a bright sunny day the camera sees a considerable amount of light due to the reflection from the sand, water, and bright sky, or the snow (and potentially bright sky). This light is not necessarily hitting your...

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Travel Photography Tip – Night Portrait Mode

You’ve planned a great trip with the family. You have some great photos of the daytime scenery and everyone enjoying themselves at the beach or exploring the surroundings. At night though, you seem to slip into another world. A world where everyone is a cardboard cutout against a dark nondescript background. You wish you could get a shot of the restaurant or the street scene with everyone in it, but time and time again you get nothing but brightly lit faces floating in dark space. Should you buy a new camera because it obviously can’t take pictures in low...

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Travel Music Playlist – Divenire by Ludovico Einaudi

Does your vacation have a soundtrack? If it did what would it sound like? Elvis? Costello or Presley? Bono? U2 or Sonny? Often times movies rely on classical music for their atmosphere, so perhaps you might like to have a nice orchestral sound to your travels around the world? Ludovico Einaudi, Italian pianist and composer Recently, I was introduced to the work of Ludovico Einaudi, an Italian pianist and composer who has written scores for movies such as Black Swan, I’m Still Here, and The Intouchables. He has also written music for Ricky Gervais’ television series Derek, and the...

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Groopic – Group Photo App Review

At this special time of year where friends and family get together to share memories and large amounts of food it’s important to remember the photographer. The photographer is the unsung hero of the family event or travel adventure – the person who always seems to be behind the camera. Can you describe the photographer, because there are no pictures of him or her? Well, the folks who created Groopic have a way to capture the elusive photographer, whether it’s at a family event a few hours flight away, or just two travellers alone at the Great Wall. This...

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Holiday Gift Guide 2013 – The Tech Traveller

There is the old saying about death and taxes being the only things in life that are a given. To many of us there’s a third given – holiday gift buying. Selecting gifts for our loved ones, and making sure that there is some originality to our choices, can seem to be a daunting task. Well, you’re in luck because we’ve done some of the pondering for you! Here are 5 selections under $100.00 for you to consider for your loved one who loves tech gadgets, and loves to travel (or comes with you when YOU travel). Holiday Gift...

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Put your Feet up and Relax at Boulder Cove Cottages, Nova Scotia

Do they leave a light on for you? Hotels, Motels, RVs, B&Bs, even tents. There is no shortage of places to stay when you travel. When you get somewhere new it’s always nice to put your feet up and relax. Perhaps stay put for a day or two and just recharge your energy for the next leg of your trip. That is what cottages are really good for. They allow you to stay put, make your own meals, sit on a comfortable couch or porch and let the world stop for a while. With plenty of seascape, and easy...

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Travel Music Playlist – Deleted Scenes on the Cutting Room Floor by Caro Emerald

When we travel we tend to go places, but stay in the same time. Music can take us to other times while we stay in one place. This is the experience when you listen to Caro Emerald’s album Deleted Scenes on the Cutting Room Floor. Emerald is a native of The Netherlands, and her first hit was A Night Like This, which is an energetic fun song that will have you back in the 1920’s standing in a smokey gin joint while she works the room. And work the room she does. Her material covers the style of the...

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