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Let’s say you’re packing for your trip and you think “Hey…I have an idea! I’m going to bring my own reusable water bottle and I’m going to just fill it with ice and fresh water from the cruise ship, hotel, resort etc. for when I’m out touring! I’ll save money AND the environment!”

Before you continue with this thought I’m going to assume that you checked whether the water at your travel destination is drinkable right? Well then that’s a GREAT Idea!

I do this all the time BUT, did you pack dish detergent or something to wash out that reusable water bottle after each use?

You wouldn’t drink from a dirty used glass at home right? So, why would you do it while you are travelling?  In reality when you are out on the road that’s when you should try to take extra precautions to keep your immune system in tip-top shape.

Drinking from a dirty, used water bottle for a day, let alone for a week – even if it is your own bottle and your own germs is just plain GROSS!

  • Take an empty used eye drop bottle (some art / craft supply stores or online dealers may sell empty unused ones)
  • Unscrew the cap and pull off the “drop part” very carefully without damaging it.
  • Clean the bottle out really well and refill with dish detergent. You could add a drop or two of bleach also if you wish.
  • Put the “drop part” back in.
  • Make sure that you label the bottle really well so you don’t mistake it for …um…eyedrops (because that would be bad).

dish detergent dropper bottle

The size is small, compact and doesn’t take up much room in your luggage.

Now, just a drop or two of the dish detergent into the empty reusable water bottle, add some water and shake up the bubbles (don’t forget to wash the cap and the mouth of the bottle) and you are sparkling clean and germ free.