Author: Michael Soncina

An Arizona Road Trip Adventure along Route 66

Arizona: the land of cowboys, Mexican food and the great American road trip! It may be a strange place for a Canadian to end up for their winter vacation – well, unless you’re a snow bird that is! Due to North America’s sheer size few locals concentrate on their own backyard and instead dream of exotic lands far, far away. So when some fellow tour director friends of mine decided to fly into Las Vegas and drive to Flagstaff for an adventure, how could I say no? What I found was an amazing part of America filled with stunning...

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Tips for a 26-Hour Stopover in Doha, Qatar

Ever since I was a child, I have had dreams of Arabian nights. Nomadic cultures, great mosques and Silk Road souks have always sparked my imagination. So when booking a trip to Singapore, I noticed I could arrange a stopover Doha Qatar; I could not let the opportunity pass me. After spending just short of 26 hours in Doha, I can tell you Hamad International Airport is the perfect hub for a city starting to bloom into a tourist destination. To be completely honest, if you were to compare Doha to food, I would suggest you have a taste...

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A Gentleman’s Adventure in Singapore

Few places in Asia can compare to Singapore. This once Malay Kingdom turned British trading Mecca has become one of the strongest of the “Asian Tiger” economic success stories of South East Asia. Since I was not alive to meet the Malay kings or interact with the trading empire of Sir Raffles, all I am familiar with is the modern city-state that exists today. With this said, I know this country fairly well since I had the honour of studying at the prestigious National University of Singapore in my third year of university and have visited the country twice...

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A Gentleman’s Adventure in Vancouver British Columbia

Canada is the second largest country in the world and because of its size and diversity it is not only a mystery to the outside world but also to its own inhabitants. As a Torontonian, it is cheaper to fly to Prague in Central Europe than to Vancouver on Canada’s west coast. So when I heard from Via Rail that I could get a cheap ticket from Toronto to Vancouver I thought, “Carpe diem! Time for my first great Canadian adventure!” As a big fan of magazines like Monocle and of the craft beer scene, I have always dreamed...

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A Gentleman’s Adventure in Winnipeg Manitoba

There is not doubt that Canada is a cool place, obviously some parts more than others. Unfortunately, one town that does not seem to get the praise it deserves is Winnipeg in the prairie province of Manitoba. What I find entertaining is whether on the train, in my hotel or speaking to friends, when I mentioned how excited I was to be going to Winnipeg I received looks that would typically be given to a raving mad man. This confuses me because the city has just as much charm as its metropolitan siblings of Toronto and Vancouver. With friendly...

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Getting Crafty: Exploring the Craft Beer Scene in Western Canada

It cannot be denied that the microbrew scene around the world has exploded. Pilsner-obsessed Czechs are now experimenting with India Pale Ales and one of the best coffee stouts I have ever tasted came from a small Japanese microbrewery. Even the tiny Balkan nation of Slovenia is in the middle of organizing their first craft brewing association. Though the craft scene around the world is growing, the fact it is growing fastest in North America cannot be argued. This article will examine the craft/microbrewery scene in Canada with a focus on Jasper Alberta, Vancouver British Columbia and Winnipeg Manitoba....

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A “Gentleman’s” Adventure in Toronto

A Gentleman’s Adventure in Toronto The term “gentleman” is something that is being constantly redefined. Whether it refers to a code of behaviour (like chivalry), grooming standards or social expectation, most people agree that it is a concept men should aspire to. In a generation where the traditional roles and representation of men and women are becoming more and more blurry, I feel it is important for both genders to continually redefine themselves without objectifying the other. This article will examine how to sharpen your skills as a man in the ever-dynamic Toronto landscape by taking traditional “male” activities...

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Where to Take a Date in Toronto

I think it is funny that no matter how great the city is in which we live, we always dream of more exotic lands. As a resident of Toronto, I feel like I live in one of the best cities on Earth. No matter how futuristic Tokyo gets or lively the party scene is in Prague, few cities have found a balance of modern comfort and historic nostalgia. This may be why “staycations,” stay at home vacations, have become so popular in Toronto. So, I decided to try it out myself! Though I live in the artistic, cultural and...

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WWOOF-ing it at Scales Nature Park in Orillia Ontario

With the year-end travel lists appearing on our social media streams, images of Budapest and Bogata start dancing in our heads. Though, as the world becomes more accessible and our desires to travel increases, we often forget how much our own country has to offer for a fantastic adventure. It is true that travel is expensive, but it does not have to be if you WWOOF During my time as a blogger and tour director I have come across my share of interesting programs and places, but none has ever proved as successful as the WWOOF program (World Wide...

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citizenM: A Micro Hotel in the Big Apple, NYC – Review

The first time I heard of the “micro hotel concept” was from the hotel owner at the “Inn at the Forks,” a hotel I was staying at in Winnipeg. We got into a conversation about hotel trends and the idea of micro hotels seems to be the next new thing. Essentially, a micro hotel tries to maximize on space without losing out on luxury and comfort. The idea sounded very intriguing. Since one of the hotels I was referred to was citizenM and they had just built their first North American hotel in New York City last month, how...

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