Road Trip Rules

Road Trip – Yeah or Nay

Road Trip defined = an extended trip in a motor vehicle

The phrase “Road Trip” is usually met with either glee or horror. I’m often reminded of the Chevy Chase movie National Lampoons Vacation and believe that as long as NONE of THOSE events happens during my trip, then it is a success.

I enjoy taking a road trip and have taken many. When else can you have an extended period of quality time with friends/family in an enclosed environment? Granted this is only a great experience if you like your travelling companions.

My husband and I recently took a road trip driving from Canada down the east coast to Fort Lauderdale to board a weeklong cruise holiday. Driving time = 22 hours. Like I said…you have to truly like (love) your travelling companion – if not, this adds up to 22 hours of hell in a moving box.

The best way to make sure it’s a smooth, fight free, trouble-free, safe journey is to follow my personal set of rules to drive by when on a road trip.

10 Road Trip Rules

(I somehow feel like I need an echo machine here for dramatic effect!)

1. Whoever is driving chooses the tunes.

The point to the music is to keep the driver alert and happy to be the one driving. If you don’t want to drive, my advice to you is to bring music that NOBODY else wants to hear…Copa Cabana anyone? Either that or start singing along — someone else will want to drive REAL soon.

2. Two is better than one.

If driving at night, one person must stay awake with the driver to help keep the driver alert and occupied. Either that or change drivers often. It’s very tiring to drive when it is dark out. We like to listen to books on tape at night; it’s as if there is another person in the car telling you a story and because you are busy concentrating on the story, you won’t feel compelled to have to talk, talk, talk. The key here is to make sure that the story is a thriller or something interesting.

3. It’s the navigator’s fault – not the driver.

It’s not only difficult, but it’s entirely unsafe for the driver to be looking out for traffic and other cars etc. AND have to worry about the map at the same time. It’s the navigator’s job to track the current location and look out for the next turn and give the correct instructions. In this case, a “back seat driver” is a good thing!

4. No silent stink bombs.

Give your fellow travel companions ample warning to open a window. I’m talking BEFORE not AFTER!! lol

5. No messy/stinky foods and snacks.

A road trip is not the time to pack salmon or egg or any sandwich with lots of onions or a drippy saucy meatball sub. You’ll smell it for hours afterwards, and you’ll make a mess in the car.

6. Eat light on the road.

Gas station bathrooms don’t normally win the clean bathroom award. It’s best to get in and out of there as fast as you can.

7. No unscheduled pit stops.

If you are stopping at a gas station, use the facilities even if you don’t have to go. You don’t know when the next rest stop will be and it might be disgusting. Trust me you don’t want to be desperately looking for a gas station or be the one passenger that delays the trip for everyone else.

8. Stay on schedule and on time.

No one is looking forward to the 3 am wake-up call either, and it’s not fair for your travelling companions who woke up early to be on time if they have to wait for you.

9. Don’t hog the motel bathroom.

If you are stopping to sleep on the road and our sharing a motel room, let your travelling companions hit the shower first if you plan on taking a long hot bath/shower (or stink it up).

10. Be honest and stay safe.

If you feel tired and can’t drive anymore – say so. A road trip is not the time to try to be the tough guy/gal and push it when driving. I’ve personally experienced the horror of being asleep and being awoken by the sound of the rumble strips under the tires as we were starting to veer off the road. Thankfully no harm was caused. Know your limit and drive within it!.

Do you have any more road trip rules to add? Join the discussion!

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