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chaos multi tubular

Chaos Multi Tubular Headwear – Review

by Mary Chong
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chaos multi tubular

A scarf is such an easy multi-purpose accessory to have when it comes to dressing up a travel wardrobe. The problem I find is that sometimes the 2 tail ends of the scarf get in my way if I’m doing something really active!

Enter Chaos Multi Tubular Headwear.

I first discovered it while shopping in the hat department of my local sporting goods store. It was the packaging and the illustrations that caught my eye, so I figured I would give one a try. Now, I don’t travel without it.

Yes, granted it’s just a tube – but it’s a very smart stretchy tube! I kind of think of it as a turtleneck without the turtle. I’ve become a real fan of the tube, and I plan to buy a few other colours and patterns in the future to add to my collection.

Multi Tubular Headwear Examples of Use

  • You’re in Jordan touring the ruins of an ancient city. Soak your Chaos Multi Tubular Headwear in some cool water and put it on as a headband or as a scarf. As the water evaporates, it will cool you down.
  • You’re in Bangkok, and you are about to go on a tuk-tuk ride to Khao San Road. Wear the Chaos Multi as a mask to avoid breathing in the exhaust and pollution of the city.
  • You’re about to rent a motorcycle in Cozumel, and you aren’t quite sure about the cleanliness of the rental helmet they’ve provided. Wear the Chaos Multi Tubular “pirate style” as a barrier between you and the helmet and have some piece of mind.
  • You’ve met a Prince with red hair and freckles in a London coffee shop, and he’s invited you to dinner, but all you packed were plain t-shirts. Wear the Chaos Multi as a plain neck scarf or as a wristband to “dress it up”.

The packaging shows 11 ways that you can wear it but sometimes – desperation creates innovation, and in a pinch, I’ve had to come up with a few more uses for the scarf.

  • I was on a flight and I wanted to take a nap but I was wedged into the window seat of the plane, and my eye mask wasn’t within reach. Voila, I pulled the scarf down over my eyes and my ears, and I had an instant eye mask and earplugs. Not perfect but it did the trick.
  • I’ve also used it in a pinch as a face cloth or as a napkin.

Chaos Multi Tubular Headwear Pros

  • Perfect for hot or cold climates
  • Packs small
  • Easy care
  • Breathable
  • 100% polyester knit
  • Dries quickly
  • Really soft against your skin
  • Unisex (depending on the colour)

Chaos Multi Tubular Headwear Cons

  • Wish it had a bit more stretch. Either that or my head is slightly bigger than the norm. So, I’m not able to wear it comfortably in all 11 configurations that they’ve illustrated.
  • Some of the patterns aren’t my cup of tea. I know that everyone has different tastes but I prefer more subtle patterns.
  • Rumour has it that the fabric pills a lot over many washings. I haven’t had that happen as of yet

Have you tried the Chaos Multi Tubular Headwear? What about similar products of this nature?

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