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When I look back at this photo of Dubrovnik, Croatia and the Old City Wall and Harbour I remember a warm spring day and ice cream. It’s funny how memorable moments (for me anyway) involve all the senses…the sights, the smells, and food.

This was a cruise port on Norwegian cruise line and one of our favorite stops on the itinerary. One of the good things about having to take a tender boat into port versus actually having to dock the entire cruise ship are moments like this. If we had docked, we would have been on the other side of the old city (new city?) with the other large ships which is a very long hot walk (or a bus ride) to this view. Being on a tender boat you are able to sail right into this lovely harbour. (You can see the tender leaving the shore in the photo it has the red roof).

Dubrovnik, Croatia Fishing
The old city of Dubrovnik, Croatia is simply gorgeous – stone walkways, walls, history, friendly welcoming people and food – oh the food! It’s a mixture of European meats and Italian flavours – due in part to their Roman history and proximity to Italy. You can enjoy a meal in the restaurants that line the streets – dining alfresco – on a warm spring day….or better yet, dine in a patio along the shore for some added scenic views. Cars are not allowed in the old city – making it the perfect place to tour on foot.
Dubrovnik, Croatia Cat on Bench
After strolling throughout the city and walking along the top of the wall we returned to the harbour and sat on a bench by the water’s edge. With the cool wall from behind shielding us from the hot afternoon sun, we enjoyed some apricot ice cream and watched the locals catch fish.

We passed the remainder of our day and our first visit to Dubrovnik, Croatia with some good company…it was a great day….

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