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I’m a carry-on only traveller. There is nothing like flying to your destination, taking your bag down from the overhead carrier in the plane and walking past all the people waiting at the baggage carousel as it spins around and around and around while you quickly walk out the door.

It’s like being a Carry-on Luggage Rock star!

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The Great White North – Shopping in Canada eh?

Canada for all it’s approx. 3.8 million square miles of land mass is not a great source for shopping – or shall I say shopping for things that you need to try on, examine, touch and feel. You can certainly shop the web, but often; I read recommendations for items online only to find that the product is from the US or the UK and that shipping is crazy expensive to Canada, AND there are all those extra taxes, customs charges, etc., etc., etc.

Let’s face it; it’s a bit of a hassle.

Stuck with limited shopping locations (Hudson’s Bay Company, Sears, Walmart, etc.), I headed out with my shopping list and a tape measure and searched and searched…

High and low I looked – I felt like Goldilocks and the Three Bears – too tall, too wide, too thick, too heavy, too flimsy, too expensive!

And then I found this baby by IT Luggage at Hudson’s Bay on sale, and it fit just right….

Amazon also carries quite a few models of IT Luggage.

Incidentally, about a month after I bought mine I found the same suitcase for sale at CAA (the Canadian version of AAA) – for some reason, I didn’t even think of looking there (DOH!)

(Update 09/01/2016 I see now that Winners and Marshalls both occasionally have IT luggage in their stores in Canada.)

The model I’m using is named Amsterdam. I bought the carry-on version out of the three sizes shown in the photograph, but all are lightweight.

  • Weight is 4.95 lbs
  • 19 Inches high
  • 15.6 inches wide
  • 8.4 inches deep
  • 2196 cu inch capacity
  • 4 wheel spinner
  • Telescoping handles
  • 2 external pockets
  • comes in 10 colours
    I’ve used it on three trips so far, and it is working like a charm. Hubby was reluctant at first but is now loving the freedom and savings of not having to pay for checked luggage.

    I also suggest you read this review article on the STM Bags Backpack that I use as my laptop bag when I travel with this carry-on bag.

    Think of it as a wake-up call to stop checking in your luggage the next time that big red siren and alarm goes off to warn you that the baggage carousel is about to rotate.

    (OH and here’s an update – 2 years later… That’s gotta be at least 10 trips and I’m STILL using this same suitcase! See my suitcase in action in Rome: Chroma Tessera Hotel in Rome Italy – Review)

    Be a Carry-On Luggage ROCK STAR!