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Peace of Mind and Travelling with your Credit Card

Peace of Mind and Travelling with your Credit Card

by Mary Chong
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By definition, the phrase “peace of mind” is defined as the absence of mental stress or anxiety.

But how does “peace of mind” come to play when you are talking about “travel”?

For everyone it’s different, but for me, it’s the basics of any journey – Transportation / Shelter / Food / Money.

Transportation = How I’m getting to and from my destination
Shelter = Where I’m sleeping
Food = What, when and where I’m going to eat
Money = How am I paying for everything

Once I have these four basics arranged the rest of the pieces that make up a great trip eventually fit into place like a jigsaw puzzle coming together into one beautiful picture.

Some may say that there is no freedom when everything is scheduled and planned and organised but I don’t feel that way – which is probably the reason why they call me the “Calculated Traveller.” I take comfort in knowing that I’ve planned and prepared my way to a perfect stress-free trip.

But hold on, what does Peace of Mind & Travel have to do with Credit Cards?

I previously published the article “10 Ways to Pay & Save by using a Credit Card for Travel”. The article shared my tips on why I use my credit card to pay for everything and how by paying with my credit card I save money, gain reward points, and qualify for other perks and bonuses.

These saving and spending tactics also give me financial peace of mind by safeguarding my money while travelling.

Your MasterCard can be a great travel companion. Check them out at Mastercard.ca/travelpartner

  • MasterCard credit cards are accepted at more places worldwide than any other credit card.
  • Safe and secure round trip fraud protection and zero liability policy.
  • Purchase protection.
  • Emergency card replacements.
  • Built in benefits such as insurance.
  • Safest and most seamless tool for cross-border travel.
  • Real-time offers, rewards and partner perks.

Even though you have all your bases covered and you’ve done a perfect job arranging everything sometimes things don’t always go as planned.

Sometimes you have to switch gears…

Husband Ray hurt his back at the end of a 14-day cruise through the Mediterranean. He was in a lot of pain, so much so that we had to transfer him off the ship in a wheelchair to our hotel. We had to extend our trip four more days until he was able to fly home and fortunately, Ray had travel health insurance with his employer.

When travelling, we don’t carry a lot of cash with us nor do we carry our debit cards, so with very little Euro left in our pockets, we were thankful that we had our credit cards in our wallet.

We used our credit card to pay for new airplane tickets home, pay for more days/nights at the hotel, pay for all our meals and pay for our transportation from the hotel to the airport.

Once we arrived home, we needed to submit an itemised list of all our expenses to the insurance company for reimbursement. Our credit card bill was perfectly itemised with all the information, dates, costs, location and exchange rate – BONUS!

Which just goes to show that when plans go awry – you can still have peace of mind.

Here’s a video that I had the honour of participating in with more tips on how to travel with peace of mind.

What does “peace of mind” mean to YOU concerning travel? Let us know by commenting below – we’d love to hear what you think!

Peace of Mind and Travelling with your Credit Card Calculated Traveller
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Andy August 18, 2014 - 2:47 am

Very informative post, Mary. I’m a big fan of credit cards too. If you can use credit cards responsibly, there is no better way to pay for stuff.


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