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Top 7 Considerations when Packing for a Day Trip

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When you spend your time in an office for over 50% of the day you can’t help but itch to escape.

Unfortunately, we’re not always able to explore to the extent that we’d like. That’s why day trips exist!

As a young professional in the city of Toronto Canada, one of my favourite things to do is escape big city life and see more of my own neighbourhood (or further). It’s a great way to not only recharge my batteries, but also a way to connect with the place I live (not to mention add another pin to the map).

By not being able to find a single listicle that could tell me how to stop overpacking for a day trip, I had to develop my own. This was a challenge, but one I was excited to take.

Here’s the downside to my self-imposed challenge. I’m one of the worst packers I know. I either overpack thinking I need 10 of everything or I’ll under pack and forget something crucial, like sunscreen!

I’ve come up with a list of 7 questions to help me avoid the frustration of what to pack for a day trip so that I can get out of the house 95% faster! I hope this helps you as much as it has me.

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Top 7 Considerations when Packing for a Day Trip

1. What’s the Weather Forecast?

This may seem like common sense, but it’s something that many people don’t take into consideration if they’re only travelling 3 hours away.

Read the article: 9 Tips for Driving in Dangerous Winter Weather

2. What Is the Likelihood of This Item Actually Being Used?

Is the probability of using it greater than 70%?


Leave it at home.

3. How Far Is our Destination?

How far is your trip?

Are you going to the beach down the street or 3 hours away?

Plan accordingly.

4. Do I Have to Be Anywhere Later Today?

Is there a possibility you may get dirty?

Will you need to change into clean clothes?

What about footwear?

5. What Is the Purpose of This Trip?

Are you going to enjoy a long walk down the beach or a hike through the forest?

By making sure you don’t stray away from the purpose of your trip, you’re less likely to overpack. Trust me on that one.

6. How Are You Getting There?

Are you driving?

Will you be hiking?

If you are going on a road trip in your car then you don’t have to worry about the extent of your packing. However, if you’re hiking, that’s an entirely different matter altogether. Never underestimate the amount of strength and willpower it takes to carry a number of items throughout the entire day. That’s one thing I’ve always admired about backpackers.

7. Are You Missing Key Meal Times?

This is one point that could go two ways:
1) Pack your own lunch, or
2) Purchase something along the way

Whichever one you choose is up to you. However, make sure that you are prepared for either scenario.

Top 7 Considerations to Ask Yourself When Packing for a Day Trip by Calculated Traveller

Keeping specific considerations in mind when packing for a day trip, makes it easier to say no to unnecessary items. After all, what better way to stay focused on enjoying your weekend getaway than knowing that all of the necessities have been covered? By targeting known variables, such as weather and transportation, the purpose of each item becomes clear and the trip becomes enjoyable and less worrisome!

Happy Travels!

Guest Author: Marijana Miric is a Toronto–based blogger and recent graduate of Ryerson’s Master of Digital Media program. She loves exploring her city and thrives on weekend getaways (many of which can be found on her Instagram #mvbtravels). When she’s not exploring you can find Marijana curled up with a good book and a hot cup of tea. If you’re interested in finding out more about what she’s been up to view her website at www.marijanamiric.com.

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