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Historic Fort York – Brought to Life Before my Eyes

Historic Fort York – Brought to Life Before my Eyes

Author Mary Chong
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I’m a bad Torontonian. That’s right. You heard me say it. I’ve lived in Toronto my entire life and I’ve never once visited Historic Fort York. Sure, I studied the history of Fort York in high school, and of course, I knew where it was located; I’ve probably driven by it on the highway about a million times. But this piece of Toronto/Canadian history is so easily forgotten due to its location downtown hidden amongst the modern condominiums and construction that surrounds it. It wasn’t until Doors Open Toronto 2013, that I walked through the gates of Fort York and travelled back in time to the 1800s did I realise what I’d been missing all these years. I had a fabulous day out. It was a lot of fun!

Fort York

Meh, What’s the Big Deal?

At first, when I walked past the gates all I could see was a large open field with a few buildings surrounding the perimeter. I was thinking – meh, no wonder I never bothered coming here before… what’s the big deal? I started looking around, and I noticed a few people standing near the gate and sign with the tour schedule. One tour was about to start, so I thought I’ll join in, stand at the back of the crowd and if it get’s boring I’ll just quietly slip away… I never did slip away. I ended up taking all 3 of the tours being offered that day and stayed until closing. (I was trying on one of the uniforms when I was given the 5-minute warning!)

The Stories are the Big Deal

What makes the field and the buildings come alive are the docent tour guides. Dressed in period clothing the guides take you through the various buildings and tell you about the life and times of the men and women who were commissioned at the Fort. They tell the stories of the enlisted men’s barracks and how they housed 100 people, men plus their families, all eating and sleeping together in one room with little to no privacy. They guide us through the officer’s quarters and officer’s mess demonstrating the vast differences between an officer and an enlisted man’s living arrangements.

Fort York
They showed us the kitchen and how they cooked over an open fire, demonstrated cooking techniques and even had samples of cookies made from original recipes ready for us to taste. Without these docent tour guides, Fort York is just a large field with buildings and a few canons. It’s the stories and history that they share that sets the scene and bring the place to life.

2014 Toronto Festival of Beer Video video

Fort YorkI have but two regrets, one is that I waited all these years before visiting Historic Fort York; my other regret is that they didn’t have any reenactments that day so I wasn’t able to see them fire a canon. But that’s okay because I now have a reason to return … If you are in Toronto – I urge you to be a good Torontonian and get out there and visit Historic Fort York. If you live elsewhere – find a historical spot that you may have overlooked and take a tour – you might just find something interesting there!

Have you ever been to a historical site and had the most amazing guided tour? I’d love to hear where it was and what made it so amazing. Join the discussion.

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