A shawl is one of those multipurpose items that should be packed in your carry-on bag on every trip both near and far.

I actually like to carry a couple:

  • A thicker shawl that can double as a scarf / sweater if I get really cold.
  • I also bring a cheap, thinner cotton one that I can wash in the hotel sink and hang to dry


Here are my 10+ Reasons Why you Should Travel with a Shawl

  1. A shawl keeps you warm when you are in the plane, train or car
  2. A shawl can cover your shoulders / head / legs in places of worship
  3. A shawl can be used as a beach blanket
  4. A shawl can be used as a towel
  5. A shawl can be used as a swim suit cover-up or robe
  6. A shawl can be used as a table-cloth for a spur of the moment picnic
  7. The ends can be tied together to make an improvised bag
  8. You can use a shawl as a privacy curtain in a hostel or to block the sun from your eyes if you want to sleep in the car
  9. A shawl can dress up an outfit in the evening
  10. You can use a shawl to wrap a not so clean pillow and protect your head
  11. A shawl can be used as a lumbar support
  12. In the case of injury, you can use the shawl as a sling

Quick Travel Tip #6 - Always Travel with a Shawl by Calculated Traveller

These are just a few ideas. I’m sure there are many more…So, what do you use your shawl for?

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