When I say that Lisa Marie’s got you covered, I’m not saying that Elvis Presley’s daughter is cooking in the kitchen, I’m referring to a restaurant styled and inspired by Elvis and his daughter Lisa Marie!

Located in the Trinity Bellwood’s neighbourhood of Toronto, Canada, Fidel Gastro’s food truck owner and chef/host of Travel + Escape Channel’s Rebel Without A Kitchen Matt Basile recently opened up a new restaurant named after Lisa Marie serving up Italian bar snacks called ‘cichetti’.

Cicchetti (chi’ket·ē) n. Kind of like tapas…but not.

I was recently there for the Toronto Travel Massive event sponsored by T+E channel, and boy was I not disappointed by the food. Despite the small size (this probably isn’t so much a dinner type meal), Lisa Marie offered up some incredible eats.


From a Mozzarella and Marrow “sangweech” (deep fried Buffalo Mozzarella and whipped bone marrow sandwich, topped with lemon) to Fresh Tuna Puttanesca Rolls (ahi tuna marinated in puttanesca sauce rolled with bean sprouts, red pepper, purple cabbage, carrot, basil and cilantro in a rice paper wrap); the food was a big hit.

My personal favourites were the bone marrow sandwiches (which felt kind of like a super fancy grilled cheese sandwich – my favourite!) and the deep fried cheeseburger – none of which I would have thought of usually ordering. Both deep fried treats were rich in flavour and felt extremely sophisticated, despite making me feel the need to exercise right after I left – the sign of good comfort food.

I would never have thought about deep frying cheese and bone marrow squished between two slices of bread before visiting Lisa Marie. So, if you’re in the Bathurst and Queen neighbourhood, be sure to check out Lisa Marie. Grab a beer, share some Cicchetti with some friends and take in a great atmosphere, great food, and great company.


Have you visited Lisa Marie before? What did you eat?

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