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You Don’t like Cruises? Why not?

People are surprised when they hear how many cruises I’ve sailed on. I’m guilty to say that I’m at almost 30 cruises. That adds up to 240+ days on the water.

Non cruisers usually give me the following responses for NOT wanting to take a cruise:

  • You get sick.
  • It’s claustrophobic.
  • It’s boring.
  • There’s nothing to do.
  • All you do is eat/I’ll get fat.
  • Everyone is old.

Cruises Boring? Definitely Not!

Let me tell you, I’m writing this post right now as I sail on the Caribbean Princess. We are returning from a Southern Caribbean itinerary that took me to 3 ports of call – Aruba, Curaçao and Princess Cays (private island) in the Bahamas.

What I Love about Cruises by Calculated Traveller

I’m sitting in The Piazza. A huge atrium area with a wine/sushi bar, internet café, shops, bars, Godiva chocolate shop as well as a speciality coffee, dessert and sandwich area.

It’s 4 pm which means waiters are wandering around with a basket of fresh-baked, warm from the oven, cookies and cold glasses of milk. There is a quartet playing live jazz.

What I Love about Cruises by Calculated Traveller

On the ceiling of the atrium is a net filled with about 200+ balloons awaiting tonight’s Piazza dance party where they will drop the balloons at midnight. A few nights ago in this same area, they had a champagne waterfall and a few days ago the Easter bunny was holding court.

Where’s my husband? He’s up on deck. Doing as he says “a whole lot of nothing”. Which translates to laying in a deck chair, cold drink in hand, attempting to read with his eye’s closed. He claims that he was at the gym early this morning while I was sleeping but I have no proof of that!

That’s the beauty of a cruise ship.

You can do as much OR as little as you want.

Not everyone is grey haired.

It’s spring break week in the Northeastern states of the USA plus it’s Easter Week. Add the two together, and you get about 500 kids on board plus their parents. But don’t think that it’s a mad house of kids running around. You barely notice them as they are kept busy and out of sight. There are additional children’s programs, and events added to the daily schedule such as pizza parties, teen disco nights and video game playoffs.

Get outside and breathe the fresh ocean air. The night sky full of stars awaits you up on deck

The comedians onboard usually joke about the bathrooms. They say if you drop the soap in the shower, you have to step outside to allow room for you to bend over to pick the bar back up.

Yes, the cabins and bathrooms are not the same sizes as what you may have at home. But the cabins are efficiently designed with lots of storage, besides all you have to do in your cabin are sleep and shower. What are you doing in your room when there is so much going on outside your cabin?

At sea, depending on the wind/water conditions you do feel the motion of the ship, but I find the rocking helps me sleep like a baby. If the waves are high, the Captain usually turns on the stabilisers and goes at a slower speed to decrease the motion. Also, the location on the ship will make a difference as to how much you feel the movement – the middle being your safest bet. If it gets terrible, there are motion sickness patches, Gravol, Dramamine, and natural solutions like ginger or anti-nausea wristbands that usually help with sea sickness.

What else did I do this week?

  • I visited 3 gorgeous islands.
  • I watched “Movies Under The Stars” (Skyfall, Premium Rush, Lincoln) on Princess Cruises huge jumbo screen while lounging by the pool.
  • I watched comedian Troy Thirdgill, singer Bobby Brooks Wilson, illusionist act Hawley Magic, as well as a few musical production shows.
  • I attended an art auction, a lecture on navigation at sea, a country hoedown, a deck party and a zumba fitness class.
  • I ate 5 star cuisine the entire time and had top-notch service.

What I Love about Cruises by Calculated Traveller
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Cruises? You have to try it once…you might just love it as much as I do.